Vedior International’s European strategy: the French revolution

What motives propel international expansion? It seems like it’s a trend for so many businesses, but in the case of Vedior, Professor Paul Verdin and Nick Van Heck query the real benefits and the classic expansion dichotomy of Europeanisation versus localisation.

Procter and Gamble Europe: Ariel Ultra’s Eurobrand Strategy

It’s a critical time for Procter and Gamble – no fun or games. The company is planning product development through a major pan-European project. It must consider intricacies such as cross-border processes and interaction between strategic and organisational developments. Read why Professor Paul Verdin, Professor Christopher A. Bartlett and co-author Alice De Koning propose a bit of “play time” at this juncture – role-playing time, … [ Read more ]

BIS Banking Systems (A & B)

BIS Banking systems had the “Midas touch,” literally. During the 1980s, the company journeyed to the number one position in the world of the specialized financial (banking) software industry. MIDAS, its flagship software package, became the installed system for more than 400 banks around the world. But in April 1990, the company somewhat lost that touch, because despite its diffusion and success, BIS missed the … [ Read more ]

Alcatel Access Systems (A-B-C)

During the 1990s, the telecommunications environment was undergoing a series of complex changes that would dramatically alter the competitive landscape: deregulation, globalisation and new technological developments. Professors Paul Verdin, Rudi Bogaert and Arnoud De Meyer present issues and challenges (mainly for product development and innovation) within a multinational telecom equipment manufacturer organised on a country-based unit structure and facing these environmental changes.

To Follow or to Find? Industry Influence on Leading Value Creators

What makes a value leader, and how much do industry dynamics determine value creation for different types of firms? Professor Gabriel Hawawini, Professor Paul Verdin and PhD candidate Venkat Subramanian re-examine the question to reveal new findings. Using 55 industries, they categorise firms within each industry into 3 main groups – the leading value creators, the value destroyers (the losers) and the rest that lie … [ Read more ]