Summer-Internship Offers Are Too Premature for Some M.B.A.s

While business schools typically roll out the red carpet for recruiters some are starting to resist the early marketing push.

Men Do Numbers,Women Do Strategy

Recruiters hiring business-school grads see a clear difference between male and female candidates.

Why the Full-Time Advantage Prevails for Job Hunters

Students increasingly are pursuing part-time online and executive M.B.A.s. But recruiters have their doubts.

M.B.A. Students and Teachers Bristle at Ethics Requirements

Three years after coming under attack for M.B.A.s’ involvement in scandals, schools still grapple with teaching ethics.

Communication Skills Are Critical to M.B.A.s

It is the rare business school that provides master of business administration graduates with a thorough grounding in corporate communications. While some b-schools offer classes in “management communication,” the emphasis typically is on public speaking and written reports, not on managing a company’s reputation.

Exec M.B.A. Programs Saturate Some Markets

Does the world really need another executive M.B.A. program?

Plenty of business schools obviously think so. Every week or two, it seems, I receive a press release announcing yet another new part-time executive M.B.A. degree…

Schools Improve Career Services for Part-time M.B.A. Students

Part-time M.B.A. students sometimes feel like second-class citizens. After all, they see their full-time counterparts participating in enriching extracurricular activities, interacting more with fellow students, alumni and professors, and receiving more extensive career and job-placement services.

But those feelings may be changing, at least in the area of career services. In response to pleas from part-timers — as well as requests from corporate recruiters — … [ Read more ]