How Students From Abroad Are Learning to Talk the Talk

Business schools are expanding programs to help foreign M.B.A. students prepare for careers in the U.S.

M.B.A. Students to Run Socially Responsible Fund

Kellie McElhaney of the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley, discusses what may be the first student-managed investment fund to focus on social and environmental responsibility

Finding Ways to Boost Female M.B.A. Enrollment

Ron Alsop talks with Elissa Ellis-Sangster, executive director of the Forte Foundation, about how to help business schools overcome obstacles in attracting female students.

Refresher Courses Help Graduates Get Up to Date

Ron Alsop on post-M.B.A. programs that attempt to lure students back to business school with continuing-education classes on industry trends.

Why Teaching of Ethics Continues To Be Lacking at Business Schools

Business schools have struggled in the post-Enron era to incorporate more content related to ethics and social responsibility in their curricula. Many have added a stand-alone course on corporate responsibility, but some academics consider that insufficient. M.B.A. Track columnist Ron Alsop discussed the challenge recently with Craig Smith, senior fellow in marketing and ethics at London Business School and the academic leader on a project … [ Read more ]

Schools Create Courses To Fit Employers’ Needs

As executive-education classes become almost commodities schools find it pays to offer companies customized programs on timely topics.

Private Equity Is In a Class of Its Own

M.B.A. programs are offering more private-equity courses and strengthening connections with buyout firms to help students land jobs.

Stanford Works to Groom Future Business Leaders

Ron Alsop talks to a new director at the university about the growing emphasis on management in b-school curriculums.

B-Schoolers and Nonprofits Form Mutually Beneficial Relationships

An expanding list of schools are connecting M.B.A. students with nonprofit boards and planting the seeds for community service later in their careers.

Getting on the Fast Track to an Executive M.B.A.

Some business schools are switching to shorter, more flexible programs to appeal to busy managers and sponsoring companies that want to minimize time away from the office.

Bschools Apply Lesson From Branding 101

Many schools boast talented marketing professors and send their graduates off to brand powerhouses like Procter & Gamble. Yet most schools have failed to develop a resonant brand image of their own. While schools may well have distinctive cultures and academic strengths, they usually play up their media rankings and use the same buzzwords, such as global and entrepreneurial. Some schools are trying to change … [ Read more ]

One Size Fits All No Longer at Stanford

The business school plans to retool its M.B.A. curriculum to add more customization for the school’s increasingly diverse students.

Recruiters Are Using Games To Assess M.B.A. Candidates

Getting a good job often requires a bit of gamesmanship. But for some M.B.A. students, landing a new position is all about playing games.

Putting the Brakes On M.B.A. Arrogance

Recruiters are urging students to curb their egos in job interviews.

Grooming Minorities For Business School

Ronald Alsop on a mentoring organization that helps M.B.A. programs build more diverse student bodies.

The Struggle to Attract More Women M.B.A.s

Business schools are taking steps to court applicants planning for a family.

The Online M.B.A.: A Blended Approach

More business schools are promoting programs that mix Internet instruction with bricks-and-mortar classroom experiences.

More B-Schools Add Sales Courses

A company’s sales force is its lifeblood. But you’d never know it by looking at the typical M.B.A. curriculum. Because they’re lighter on theory and research than other academic subjects, sales courses are surprisingly scarce in M.B.A. programs. But the sales function seems to be slowly gaining more respect as a few major schools create M.B.A.-level sales courses.