Mehrdad Baghai, Sven Smit, and S. Patrick Viguerie

Although good execution is essential for defending market share in fiercely contested markets, and thus for capitalizing on the corporate portfolio’s full-market-growth potential, it is usually not the key differentiator between companies that are growing quickly and those that are growing slowly. These findings suggest that executives ought to complement the traditional focus on execution and market share with more attention to where a company … [ Read more ]

The Granularity of Growth

A fine-grained approach to growth is essential for making the right choices about where to compete.

The Do-or-Die Struggle for Growth

Does following best practice in strategy, marketing, operations, and organization generally make it possible for companies to increase their revenues consistently—or does that kind of growth usually require something more?

Are You Too Focused?

As successful companies mature, they must diversify to survive—and they can dramatically improve their shareholder returns as they do. The only questions are when and how.

Beating the Odds in Market Entry

How to avoid the cognitive biases that undermine market entry decisions.

Learning to Let Go: Making Better Exit Decisions

Although canceling a project or exiting a business may often be regarded as a sign of failure, such moves are really a perfectly normal part of the creative-destruction process. Companies need to realize that in this way they can free up their resources and improve their ability to embrace new market opportunities.

By neutralizing the psychological biases that make it harder for executives to evaluate struggling … [ Read more ]