Inside Kraft’s leadership corridor

The true test of any company’s leadership development is the caliber and depth of its senior management ranks.Yet so often we hear CEOs complain that they just don’t have enough talent on the bench. The problem is that traditional management development remains too far removed from the day-to-day realities of business. A few companies have pioneered effective approaches. Consider the tack taken by Kraft Foods. … [ Read more ]

Beating the Odds of Brand Growth

Quick, pick the best indicator a brand will grow faster than its category: Brand size? Newness? Leadership within a category? Such is conventional wisdom, but a recent Bain study of 524 brands across 100 categories found none of the above. The study “winners”-defined as any brand that beat its category’s growth each year from 1997-2001-invested differentially in just two components of the marketing mix: product … [ Read more ]

Harvard Business Review on Brand Management

With the increasing globalization of brands, effective brand management in differentiating products has become even more essential. This helpful volume provides the latest strategies for maximizing the value of your brands and products. Articles include: “Building Brands Without Mass Media” by Erich Joachimsthaler and David A. Aaker, “Brands vs. Private Labels: Fighting to Win” by John A. Quelch and David Harding, “How Do You Grow … [ Read more ]

Strategic Segmentation (.pdf)

Customer segmentation: More than just a marketing tool. Customer segmentation is at its most powerful when used as a fundamental part of the strategic process and not simply as a marketing tool. After aligning an organization to serve targeted groups identified and focused upon by a sound segmentation, a company can beat the competition with a differentiated and defensible value proposition.