Making Sense of Social Data: Digital Exhaust and the Next Frontier in Social Data Analytics

In the digital world, data are everywhere. We create them constantly, often without our knowledge or permission, and with the bytes we leave behind, we leak information about our actions, whereabouts and characteristics.

This revolution in sensemaking—in deriving value from data—is having a profound and disruptive effect on everything from supply chains to corporate strategy. In particular, it is generally forcing executives to rethink how they … [ Read more ]

Vikram Mahidhar and Christine Cutten

Marketing creates strategic value in two ways: connecting customers and markets to the organization by influencing awareness and behavior, and connecting the organization to customers and markets by creating customer knowledge within the organization.

Navigating the Marketing Measurement Maze

As with any corporate endeavor, marketing programs require a system of evaluation to ensure the most effective resource allocation. Clarity of corporate goals, linkages to proper measures, a design that integrates cross-functional and inter-firm aspects and support systems that capture and report timely results all play a crucial role in the measurement design. Above all, the design must align with strategic intent and accurately … [ Read more ]

Disarming the Value Killers

Risk management has become an area of significant concern for numerous companies in today’s volatile marketplace. However, a number of executives are still grappling with what needs to be done to protect their organizations.

A logical starting point is to gain a better understanding of the true risks facing companies. To accomplish this, Deloitte & Touche LLP and Deloitte Research, a part of Deloitte Services LP, … [ Read more ]