For CEOs, It’s About Time

How CEOs spend their time has an outsized influence on performance, engagement, and company culture.

Getting to Win-Win: How Toyota Creates and Sustains Best-Practice Supplier Relationships

Across the automotive industry and around the globe, Toyota ranks as suppliers’ preferred OEM-the one with which they would most like to do more business. Yet Toyota is also known to be extremely demanding of its suppliers and rigorous in its insistence on openness and highly disciplined processes. The authors outline the principles and practices that Toyota employs to win its suppliers’ extraordinary performance-and loyalty. … [ Read more ]

Organizing the Global Company

Traditional organizational structures, whether designed around functions, products, or geographies; whether centralized or decentralized, can’t cope with the complexity that global operations entail. Matrix arrangements, while explicitly designed to manage complexity, too often end up just adding to it. Managers need new ways to think about molding their international organizations, simply and flexibly, to the needs of their customers and the imperatives of their business … [ Read more ]