Repricing of Stock Options

As the stock markets have begun to pull back from their historically high levels, the boards of directors of corporations that have used stock options to attract and retain employees have found themselves under increasing pressure to modify or replace previously issued stock options that have gone “underwater.” (i.e. options whose exercise price is above the current market price of the corporation’s stock). To address … [ Read more ]

Unbuttoning the Board

In the New Economy, established companies are looking to the techno-literate to help them stay in the game.

How Family Firms Can Improve Their Long-run Survival

One of the potential advantages that successful privately-held companies have over their public competitors is their ability to make long-term strategic decisions based, in part, on what has been called “patient capital.” It means not having to answer to securities analysts and outside investors who tend to favor short-term results and short-sighted strategy. But firms can find this advantage only if they have a unified … [ Read more ]

Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance

Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance, or encycogov for short, is created and maintained by Henrik Mathiesen, a PhD candidate at the Department of International Economics and Management at the Copenhagen Business School. Content on the site is divided into two sections: Specific Topics and General Topics. Topics in both sections begin with a paragraph explaining the overarching definition of the principle, and link to a variety … [ Read more ]

Should senior executives hold shares, or be granted share options, in the companies they manage?

Few in the boardroom would answer this question other than with an unequivocal “Yes” – which is why recent comments by Wendelin Wiedeking of Porsche merit closer attention. His and some other Europeans’ attitudes offer a contrast to the very one-sided opinion run across in the U.S. press.

Ecomp Executive Compensation Database

The Ecomp Executive Compensation Database allows users to research the compensation and net-worth of executives. Users may search the database by company name or ticker symbol, as well as by state, sector, and industry pull-down menus. Search returns list compensation summaries for the top executives, including salary, bonus, and total compensation. Clicking on the executive’s name will give a more detailed summary, including restricted stock, … [ Read more ]

Executive PayWatch

This AFL-CIO site bills itself as a working families’ guide to monitoring and curtailing the excessive salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages. Obviously this is a biased site, but still interesting – especially the CEO Pay Database – find out how much various CEOs are making.