Unbuttoning the Board

In the New Economy, established companies are looking to the techno-literate to help them stay in the game.

How Family Firms Can Improve Their Long-run Survival

One of the potential advantages that successful privately-held companies have over their public competitors is their ability to make long-term strategic decisions based, in part, on what has been called “patient capital.” It means not having to answer to securities analysts and outside investors who tend to favor short-term results and short-sighted strategy. But firms can find this advantage only if they have a unified … [ Read more ]

Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance

Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance, or encycogov for short, is created and maintained by Henrik Mathiesen, a PhD candidate at the Department of International Economics and Management at the Copenhagen Business School. Content on the site is divided into two sections: Specific Topics and General Topics. Topics in both sections begin with a paragraph explaining the overarching definition of the principle, and link to a variety … [ Read more ]

Should senior executives hold shares, or be granted share options, in the companies they manage?

Few in the boardroom would answer this question other than with an unequivocal “Yes” – which is why recent comments by Wendelin Wiedeking of Porsche merit closer attention. His and some other Europeans’ attitudes offer a contrast to the very one-sided opinion run across in the U.S. press.

Ecomp Executive Compensation Database

The Ecomp Executive Compensation Database allows users to research the compensation and net-worth of executives. Users may search the database by company name or ticker symbol, as well as by state, sector, and industry pull-down menus. Search returns list compensation summaries for the top executives, including salary, bonus, and total compensation. Clicking on the executive’s name will give a more detailed summary, including restricted stock, … [ Read more ]

Executive PayWatch

This AFL-CIO site bills itself as a working families’ guide to monitoring and curtailing the excessive salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages. Obviously this is a biased site, but still interesting – especially the CEO Pay Database – find out how much various CEOs are making.