Ambassador for the Asian Century

Singaporean diplomat Kishore Mahbubani says the West should lose its arrogance and the East should step up to global leadership.

India’s Lagging Financial System

The country must develop its financial system in order to keep pace with China.

China and India: The Reality Beyond the Hype

The conventional wisdom says that China is the biggest story of our time. Now, as India goes through a similar process characterized by historically high rates of growth and further integration into the global economy, it appears that the path it follows will influence the global economy and business environment. Perhaps, then, India is the next big story.

Global business leaders believe that they must have … [ Read more ]

The Economic Impact of an Aging Japan

The rapid aging of the Japanese population will dramatically reduce savings and wealth-and cut off an important supply of capital to the world.

Checking India’s Vital Signs

This series of interactive exhibits depicts the shape-and scope-of India’s remarkable economic transition and its effects on consumers and businesses and then examines some of the challenges facing the country.

Negotiating with the Complex, Imaginative Indian

The purpose of the article is to outline the way in which Indians negotiate and the difficulties that such a style may pose for North Americans. We also explore the possible strategies that the North American manager may employ in his or her interactions with the Indians. We begin by outlining some of the dominant Indian cultural values, and subsequently assess their impact on the … [ Read more ]

The Scrutable East

Valuations are linked to growth. So why are they lower in high-growth markets in Asia?

China and India: Partners in Competition

A consensus is emerging that global economic power is moving towards Asia, with India and China at the center of the region’s rise. This study looks at the evolving relationship between the two emerging powers and explores the opportunities for them to grow together, learn from one another and collaborate to overcome shared problems and achieve shared goals.