In Search of European Leadership

Most leadership literature is based on American experience. Is it possible to identify a more European approach?

Eurosclerosis Revisited

The productivity boom benefits the U.S. more than Europe. Five reports explore why.

Expectations Unfulfilled?

Over a ten-year time span, from 1993 to 2003, the early expectations and eventual experiences of European executives were examined in a longitudinal study. In 1993, a cross-sectional sample of executives was polled about their plans and forecasts concerning the coming single market. In 2003, a similar sample of executives was surveyed regarding what they felt had come to pass over the first decade of … [ Read more ]

The Economic Impact of an Aging Europe

The aging of European populations will threaten living standards and prosperity.

Is Europe losing its innovative edge?

Is Europe too resistant to change? This is a tough question for Europe’s businesses to address as they strive to commercialise ideas that will become winning products and services in the global marketplace. Likewise it is a pressing question for policy makers, as stimulating innovation is one of the most pressing items on the EU agenda. This EBF debate offers discussion on the question by … [ Read more ]

The Recruitment and Development Team

The Recruitment and Development Team is one of the UK’s leading providers of assessment and development centres. Using the most refined techniques for testing behavioural competence and potential of existing or prospective employees, clients are assisted in making superior judgemental decisions about recruitment, development and manpower planning.

Unfinished Business-European Competitiveness and the Single Market

A number of barriers are limiting growth opportunities in the European market today. This comprehensive report-the result of surveys of about 450 business leaders from the European Union, the United States and Japan-looks at the major business barriers within the single market. We also lay out five key actions companies can take to overcome those barriers.

Think Global, Act European

The E.U.’s growth to 25 countries is forcing multinational managers to recast how they “glocalize.”

Towards a single European entrepreneurial space

How can Europe breed and grow more pan-European high potential ventures?

Lisbon Revisited – Finding a New Path to European Growth

What’s happening with the European economy these days? With a few notable exceptions, Europe’s economies remain mired in a cyclical downturn, with a less-than-promising longer-term outlook. This report, a joint project of Accenture and the European Policy Centre, takes a look at what has transpired in the four years since the Lisbon Summit of the European Union. Despite significant progress in some areas, such as … [ Read more ]

Can we turn Europe’s differences to business advantage?

Recent geopolitical events have polarised attitudes in Europe and the US – but how has this affected business? Is Europe more or less confident than it used to be of its distinctive business model? More than ten years after the creation of a European single market, have European companies started to resemble each other (as some economists predicted)? Or is corporate diversity as strong and … [ Read more ]