Will Stock Prices Keep Falling? Look Again at the P/E Ratio

Many analysts argue that despite the carnage on Wall Street over the past year, stock prices are still high by historical standards. Is that true? Could stocks fall some more before they reach bottom? Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel, author of Stocks for the Long Run, suggests that benchmarks such as the price-to-earnings ratio present a more hopeful picture than many market observers believe.

Risk and Return: Some New Evidence

The return on the market portfolio plays a central role in the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), the financial theory widely used by both academics and practitioners. However, the intertemporal properties of the stock market return are not yet fully understood. In particular, ther is an ongoing debate in the literature about the relationship between market risk and return and the extent to … [ Read more ]

Stocks and the Stock Market Resource Center

A set of informative articles from Equity Analytics, Ltd. covering various areas of investments. Sampling of articles: The Short Sale of Stock; Cash Accounts and Margin Accounts; Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) of Securities; Stock Splits, Reverse Stock Splits, Cash and Stock Dividends…

Company Sleuth

Company Sleuth is an online covert information specialist providing free inside information on publicly traded companies. At the site, users have the ability to stakeout and track company business activities, financial moves, Internet dealings and legal actions. Daily customized updates are delivered via email or wireless application. After selecting the companies you would like to track, Company Sleuth will deliver information on new patents, SEC … [ Read more ]

The Day the IPO Died

The stigma haunting startups that fail to go public can taint their credibility and force them to refocus. And those are the lucky ones.

Stock Prices and Fundamentals in a Production Economy

This paper by the Federal Reserve Board compares the predictions for the market value of firms from the Gordon growth model with those from a dynamic general equilibrium model of production. Special attention is focused on the prediction for movements in the market value of firms in response to a decline in the required return or an increase in the growth rate of the … [ Read more ]

Herd Behavior in Financial Markets – A Review

This 33-page .pdf IMF paper provides an overview of recent theoretical and empirical research on herd behavior in financial markets. It addresses the following questions: What precisely do we mean by herding? What could be the causes of herd behavior? What successes hav existing studies had in identifying such behavior? And what effect does herding have on financial markets?


offers a simple compilation of stock info found on major stock sites on the Web. Enter name of a stock and get a research sheet incl. profiles, quotes, charts, and recommendations. Info is pulled from dependable sources incl Yahoo, Hoovers, Zacks, etc.

The Basics of Fundamental Analysis

A good general overview of stock analysis; uses easy analogies and covers the Balance Sheet and Income Statement as well as giving an overview of methodology and purpose

Financial Web

enter a stock symbol and get detailed statistics, incl. stats relative to industry


well known site for everything related to stocks; tools section allows you to enter stock symbol and get quotes, financials, news, profile, research & charts


Bills itself as definitive source for whisper numbers covering Quarterly Earnings, IPO Pricings and G-Reports (Economic Indicators).


online provider of live market analysis on the US stock and US fixed income markets.

New IPOs: last millennium is hard to beat

RedHerring’s views on the leading sectors of investment opportunity: legacy integrators, linux, content providers, email mgmt, new breed of mutual funds, auctions, and networking

Angel Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net)

a national securities offering listing service that allows VCs, institutional and individual accredited investors to find small, growing companies through a secure Internet database.

Hoover’s Online

Some good free stuff; Much better pay stuff

Hoover’s List of Lists

Links to a variety of sources that rank companies and people in a number of ways. You’ll find dozens of lists that rank companies by size, sales, reputation, and many other criteria.