Extreme Networking: MBAs Show the Way

And you think you know how to work a crowd? Incoming B-school students from Harvard to Stanford use Web-based communities to get to know each other, to make group deals for cell phones, and to launch business plans — before they attend their first class!

School For Leaders

Mexico’s Duxx Graduate School of Business Leadership wants to create a new generation of leaders by reinventing what leaders learn. Here’s what it’s teaching.

Learning and Change – Roger Martin

Aticle looks at Roger Martin, co-founder of Monitor Co. and new Dean at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and his attempts to change the way MBAs are taught, focusing on integrative learning.

Get Smart

The Internet has revolutionized the world of business. How has the rise and fall of the new economy affected business schools in 2001? Find out here.

Yale Launches MBA-Managed VC Fund

Yale has launched an MBA-managed VC fund that is unique because it is wholly controlled by MBAs (Sachem can invest on its own, without the requirement that it must always invest alongside of another professional venture capital fund).

Get Smart

Fast Company 3-Part series on the status of the MBA in the post-dot-com shakeout. First article focuses on admissions, second article focuses on recruiting and the third on curriculum.

Hatching Success

More and more B-schools are starting ”business incubators” to launch startups. Is it education or business? Well, it’s both

B-Schools, New Rules

Graduate business schools are reshaping curricula to train the next generation of New Economy leaders. Here are 10 of the best.

Gold Rush in the Ivory Tower

BusinessWeek article says business schools are offering unprecedented salaries to attract top PhDs to the faculty.

A Network to Call Your Own

BusinessWeek article discusses the value of the connections made in B-School; includes a table showing 6 top programs with strong alumni support and 5 top programs with weak support

Wire Education: Academic Intranets

1998 CIO Web Business Magazine look at Intranet use at MBA programs, with HBS prominently profiled.

How Some B-School Web Sites Meet a Higher Standard

BusinessWeek article investigates B-School web pages, making generalized comments and providing a (very) abbreviated analysis of specific program sites.

Business schools show they can learn to adapt

Puget Sound Business Journal guest commentary from Alec Hill, dean of the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.

Vault.com Business School – Profiles, Reviews and News

The business school section of Vault.com offers a directory of schools, news and career resources, an active community, admissions resources and services and guides.