MBA Gender Pay Gap

Top B-schools typically repay students’ investments in spades, but exclusive new data suggest women don’t share equally in the bounty.

B-Schools Join Rush to Capitalize on ‘Innovation’

Academics don’t necessarily agree on what innovation is, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to teach it.

Real Work for Future M.B.A.s

For decades, companies have relied on business-school students to be unpaid consultants, assessing takeover or expansion opportunities. It is low risk and high reward for firms, with almost no financial outlay and a number of fresh new ideas from eager up-and-comers. But now some companies are going a step farther, placing entire brands in the hands of students, with the hope of developing long-lasting partnerships … [ Read more ]

Inside Harvard B-school’s Startup Boot Camp

With $3,000 of seed capital from Harvard Business School, around 150 MBA teams were tasked with developing their very own micro-businesses in short order. Here’s what they came up with.

Orientation: MBAs Hitting the Books

At some schools, MBA orientation is becoming less about building trust and more about getting the incoming class up to speed on business fundamentals.

Business Schools Plan Leap Into Data

Faced with an increasing stream of data from the Web and other electronic sources, many companies are seeking managers who can make sense of the numbers through the growing practice of data analytics, also known as business intelligence. Finding qualified candidates has proven difficult, but business schools hope to fill the talent gap.

Variety is the spice of MBA life

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The financial crisis, which threw the spotlight on MBA programmes and graduates, combined with the management needs of a new breed of industries, mean that business schools are now trying to … [ Read more ]

On the Lesson Plan: Feelings

Business schools have traditionally excelled at teaching “hard skills” like finance and accounting, now more programs are incorporating courses on “soft skills,” like accepting feedback with grace and speaking to subordinates.

Social Media Burst into Europe’s B-Schools

European MBA programs are using blogs, wikis, social networking, and other Web 2.0 tools to link students and explore new business strategies.

Penn State Cracks Down on Plagiarism

At the Smeal College of Business, dozens of MBA applicants who plagiarized admissions essays on “principled leadership” were shown the door. They won’t be the last.

Changes to MBA Admissions Test Replace Essay with Analysis

The Graduate Management Admission Test — the dominant test for M.B.A. admissions, but one that is facing competition — will soon have a new section, designed to test the ability of would-be business students to analyze multiple kinds of information.

Business Schools Try New Asia Strategies

Haas, Manchester, and Iowa are among the B-schools striving to build Asia ties through EMBA and alternative degree programs.

The Shorter, Faster, Cheaper MBA

Accelerated MBA programs of a year or less are gaining in popularity, but critics say they’re not right for everyone and may leave some students shortchanged.

Can You Teach Ethics to MBAs?

MBA ethics classes tend to focus on training students to recognize what’s right and wrong. But Mary Gentile, a Babson College scholar with a specialty in ethics and diversity curricula, says the standard approach fails to address the real problem. In most real-life business situations, Gentile says, you already know what’s right. The hard part is figuring out how to act on that knowledge without … [ Read more ]

MBA Pay: Riches for Some, Not All

Schools publish average salary figures that suggest most grads will reap rich rewards, but for many the “average” is a distant dream.

Adding Personality to the College Admissions Mix

Using recently developed evaluation systems, some colleges are aiming to quantify so-called noncognitive traits such as leadership, resilience and creativity.

GRE v. GMAT: Battle of the B-School Gatekeepers

With Harvard, Wharton, and other top schools planning to accept the GRE for admissions, cracks are beginning to show in the GMAT monopoly.

The Jack Welch MBA Coming to Web

Business Icon Lends His Name to New Online University Program; ‘It’s a Real Education,’ He Says.

Up for Auction: B-School Classes, Job Interviews

When demand outstrips supply, top MBA programs resort to a very business-like solution. Just be sure to have a strategy before placing that bid.