Should Women Apply for the MBA Differently than Men?

What did we observe when we ran the admissions offices at Wharton and INSEAD? Without falling into clumsy stereotypes, we often perceived a difference in how men and women told their personal stories. We’ve summarized a few reflections and insights for women who want to secure their place at a top business school.

The Top Mistakes Women Make When Applying to Business School

As the former lead diversity recruiter at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Karen Marks interacted with thousands of women who were applying to graduate school.  As the President of North Star Admissions Consulting she has gotten to know even more. In both of these roles, she have seen women make these common errors that severely limit their opportunities.

MBA Gender Pay Gap

Top B-schools typically repay students’ investments in spades, but exclusive new data suggest women don’t share equally in the bounty.

Five Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Business School

Whether you’re in the middle of the MBA admissions process or you haven’t even decided if B-school is for you, you’re no doubt considering the potential profits and losses of this important decision. Perhaps you’ve compared the curriculum specialties at various schools, researched different universities’ scholarships and looked into what type of extracurricular opportunities will be available to you. But a question remains: Have you … [ Read more ]

B-School Gender Mix Changing, Slowly

After writing a story recently about the growing number of Chinese women interested in getting their MBAs, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what is happening with female enrollment in U.S. MBA programs.

Why do men outperform women at Harvard Biz School?

Men outpace women by a significant margin when it comes to earning academic honors at Harvard Business School. What’s behind the gap?

The $20 million MBA draft

Every year, admissions officials from top MBA programs across the country gather in a St. Louis hotel to dole out millions in funds from the single largest MBA scholarship fund in the world.

More female MBAs, but little gains for equal pay

Women are heading to business school in larger numbers than ever before, and at younger ages to boot. But how much are women gaining from the degree?

Gender Gap: What women do with their MBAs

More women are heading to business school than ever before, reports “Forbes”. According to numbers released last year by the US Department of Education, women received 44 per cent of all MBAs in 2007, a 75 per cent increase from a decade earlier.

New Private Equity Fellowship For Minority MBA Graduates Launched

The Carlyle Group and the Robert Toigo Foundation will launch a private equity MBA fellowship intended to attract minority MBA candidates to the sector.

Women Shattering B-Schools’ Glass Ceiling

Once almost solely the province of men, the offices of business school dean are increasingly held by women.

A Female Face on Executive M.B.A.s

A handful of business schools are taking steps to boost female enrollment, but many say they still have work to do to attract more women.

The Mommy M.B.A.: Schools Try to Attract More Women

Female enrollment in full-time M.B.A. programs has remained mired for years. Now, graduate business schools are fielding part-time “morning M.B.A.s” to attract women. The new offerings aren’t for everyone, but the changes are brightening the work-life landscape for aspiring female business leaders.

Finding Ways to Boost Female M.B.A. Enrollment

Ron Alsop talks with Elissa Ellis-Sangster, executive director of the Forte Foundation, about how to help business schools overcome obstacles in attracting female students.

Grooming Minorities For Business School

Ronald Alsop on a mentoring organization that helps M.B.A. programs build more diverse student bodies.

The Struggle to Attract More Women M.B.A.s

Business schools are taking steps to court applicants planning for a family.

Breaking B-School Gender Barriers

An informal BusinessWeek Online survey reveals why many women don’t pursue MBA degrees — and offers some ways to bolster enrollment.

Networking Tips for Hispanic/Latino and African American MBAs

Networking is an even bigger issue for MBA grads from diverse backgrounds. Learn about your options.

Women’s Views Limit Enrollment in MBA Programs

Discusses the result of a two-year study to investigate why more female students aren’t pursuing an advanced degree.