T-Minus 30 Days and Counting: Getting Ready for B-School

The transition from worker bee to MBA student can be challenging. That’s why business schools offer programs and advice over the summer to help newbies maximize the MBA experience. If you’re among the first-year students heading back to school in the fall, here are some ways you can train to sit in a classroom again.

Is B-School Research an Expensive Waste?

Larry Zicklin says B-schools should put less emphasis on research, and students shouldn’t be footing the bill.

MBA Alumni Networks by the Numbers

If you just graduated from business school, it’s time to get to know your MBA alumni network-and you may be surprised what you find.

An MBA Program that Teaches You How to Find a Job

Don’t you wish your university had helped you figure out how to get a job at the same time they were teaching you about finance? College career centers tend to give advice about resume-writing, hold practice interviews and arrange on-campus interviews. These are good things. But one school is doing something better.

Meet the World’s Best B-School Professors

This year’s top teachers have withstood the tests of time, taught through bear and bull markets, and have consistently imparted life-changing lessons to MBA students year after year.

Why MBA Entrepreneurs Are Happier Than Their Peers

Most MBAs may look for a structured career path, but a surprising number – more than 20% of Wharton MBAs surveyed — became entrepreneurs and found themselves happier than their peers because of it.

Welcome to pre-MBA boot camp

Strong in marketing but weak in accounting and finance? A new online MBA prep course aims to help.

Making the Most of Your MBA

A few tips on how to take advantage of your MBA experience

A Shift Towards Entrepreneurship

MBAs are more interested than ever in becoming entrepreneurs. The question is: why?

The Long Good-Bye: Calling It Quits for B-School

Every year around this time a wave of anxiety ripples through most of the nation’s newly admitted business school students: How to depart a job without burning any bridges, and ideally, leaving a positive, lasting impression? It’s important to leave your current employer on good terms. Here’s a list of nine things I tell soon-to-be students to keep in mind as they say good-bye.

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Business school will cost you five years. Can you afford to wait?

Business school will cost you five years. At least.

If you want to learn normal business school stuff and get a normal business school job at a large company. It may be the right choice for you. If you are going to business school to ‘learn’ entrepreneurship and ‘build your toolbox.’ You’re just lying to yourself. Even if you could … [ Read more ]

Entrepreneur Contests Take Practical Turn

Some Schools Shake Up Academic Rite of Passage by Requiring Students to Confront Nuts-and-Bolts Demands of a Start-Up

New Survey Challenges Some Accepted Truths

Why study for an MBA? Which school to choose? And by which criteria? There is no one better qualified to answer these questions than the programme directors of business schools who observe the industry, its trends and its relative competitive advantages. Therefore the English national daily newspaper “The Independent” and Audencia Nantes School of Management in France asked the heads of 58 business schools in … [ Read more ]

Business School Admissions Needs an Overhaul

To diminish the role of admissions consultants, B-schools need to change the application process. For starters, they should downplay essays.

Starting your MBA? Read this first

Alex Taussig offers 3 pieces of advice for those about to start business school. Here are my top.

The Five Best B-School Profs You Never Heard Of

These five, with 109 years of collective experience, bring business alive, know their students’ names, and help them find jobs.

Ready, Set, B-School: Hit the Ground Running

One of the biggest challenges new MBA students face is time management. But making a few key decisions in advance makes for a smoother transition.

The B-School Case Study Gets a Digital Makeover

Tablet technology is beginning to transform case studies from straightforward narratives into complex and changeable plots—a metamorphosis nearly a century in the making.

Are MBAs Necessary for Start-ups or VC?

Understanding the 5 C’s to decide whether to get an MBA.

Why MBAs Fail at Entrepreneurship

5 pitfalls for recent grads starting a company