Make Entrepreneurship a Business School Priority

Established companies, not just startups, need MBAs with entrepreneurial skills, but B-schools aren’t producing enough, says a University of Michigan professor.

Can You Teach Ethics to MBAs?

MBA ethics classes tend to focus on training students to recognize what’s right and wrong. But Mary Gentile, a Babson College scholar with a specialty in ethics and diversity curricula, says the standard approach fails to address the real problem. In most real-life business situations, Gentile says, you already know what’s right. The hard part is figuring out how to act on that knowledge without … [ Read more ]

MBA Pay: Riches for Some, Not All

Schools publish average salary figures that suggest most grads will reap rich rewards, but for many the “average” is a distant dream.

Business Summit: Business Education in the 21st Century

Professors Garvin and Datar provided data about the challenges facing the business education marketplace and presented qualitative information on innovations in top MBA programs.

On the whole, MBA programs are in decline. Their value is being questioned, and they are seen as overly emphasizing analytics rather than skill development and experiences. Deans, executives, and recruiters identified four main areas where current MBA programs are falling short: … [ Read more ]

Reversing the MBA Stereotype

To instill a sense of ethics and social responsibility, B-schools must ask students to take on challenges that will last long past graduation.

Up for Auction: B-School Classes, Job Interviews

When demand outstrips supply, top MBA programs resort to a very business-like solution. Just be sure to have a strategy before placing that bid.

MBAs: Public Enemy No. 1?

The debate over business schools’ culpability in the financial crisis rages on, with no clear end in sight.

MBA Alumni of Top U.S. Business Schools

One way prospective students judge a business school is by the riches it bestows on graduates. Another benchmark is the size and quality of the alumni network. What follows is a look at both measures for 45 top MBA programs.

Business as UNusual

Thinking of applying to business school? Want to see what students say about how their programs address social and environmental issues? Check out the annual Business as Unusual: the Net Impact Student Guide to Graduate Business Programs.

Business as UNusual was established in 2006 in response to numerous inquiries from business school applicants who wanted to know what programs focused on social and environmental issues. We … [ Read more ]

MBA Recruiters Value Academic Research

A new study finds that despite critics’ claims to the contrary, the benefits of academic research in B-schools are clear.

MBA Admissions Web Sites: Not All Are Equal

We tested the virtual front doors of the Top 20 full-time MBA programs to see which Web sites delivered the goods. Here are the results.

Challenging Work and Corporate Responsibility Will Lure MBA Grads

A survey of 759 graduating MBAs at 11 top business schools reveals that the future business leaders rank corporate social responsibility high on their list of values, and they are willing to sacrifice a significant part of their salaries to find an employer whose thinking is in sync with their own.

Hot Ticket in B-School: Bringing Life Values to Corporate Ethics

The success of the Wharton School’s Stewart D. Friedman, a management professor, illustrates the rise of leadership educators who have tapped into a desire by both students and established entrepreneurs for more integration of their careers and personal lives.

Business Schools: A Study in Failure

Devotion to traditional subjects means leadership, social responsibility, ethics, and a global view get short shrift in the MBA curriculum.

The Do-Good Disconnect

More MBA students are interested in social responsibility, but a well-paying job is more important, according to a new study.

Hedge Funds and Private Equity Alter Career Calculus

Increasingly, young people on the fast track consider an M.B.A., once an essential rung on the way to the top of the corporate ladder, a waste of money and time — time that could be spent making money.

Stepping Onto the Right Career Path

Prospective MBAs need to ask themselves what they expect from their degrees and future careers, says author Ira Wolfe.

Early Gains for Early Learners

Does more work experience equal better MBA students? Rochester officials say their program for less experienced students shows it isn’t necessarily so.

Deans’ Roundtable

A rountable discussion between the deans of 11 top business schools was hosted by the the University of Chicago graduate school of business on July 10, 2007. The Financial Times brings you the audio as well as four extracts from the discussion:
– In the first extract, the discussion turned to the differences between European and US-based business schools.
– In the second extract, … [ Read more ]


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