Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

In the first of a three part podcast series Donald Sull, Associate Professor of Management Practice in Strategic and International Management at London Business School, discusses closing the gap between strategy and execution, focusing on strategy and its discontents.

‘Tis Better to Give—Really

With donor-advised funds, you can avoid capital gains, get a huge income-tax break, and support your favorite cause.

Outrageous Fortune

CommerceNet, a nonprofit booster of e-business, won respect throughout Silicon Valley because it was an honest broker. So how did a few of the group’s executives make millions for themselves? This article explains how and also provides an interesting look at an important historical presence in the development of e-commerce.

Does the Progressivity of Taxes Matter for Economic Growth?

ABSTRACT: A sizeable literature has argued that the growth effects of changes in flat rate taxes are small. In this paper, we investigate the relatively unexplored area of the growth effect of changes in the tax structure, in particular, in the progressivity of taxes. Considering such a tax reform seems empirically more relevant than considering changes in flat tax rates. We construct a general equilibrium … [ Read more ]

Growth Inhibitor

An interesting look at tax code implications for e-commerce