Edison Media Research

Meet the fastest growing market research company in America (according to Advertising Age). Edison Media Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information to radio and TV stations, Internet companies, newspapers, cable networks, record labels and other media organizations. Oodles of free summaries, charts and graphs are available at the site, including the results of the oft-quoted “Internet 9: The Media and Entertainment World of Online Consumers” in which (in collaboration with Arbitron) Edison Media Research determined that one out of five Americans feel the Internet is “most essential.”

Other topics include “Internet VIII – Advertising vs. Subscription: Which Streaming Model Will Win?” and the “National Record Buyers Survey,” which studies the impact of downloaded music, CD-burning and more on the music industry. With an emphasis on TV vs. broadband, radio vs. Internet and the like, this is a site worth noting for media professionals. [WDFM Annotation]

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