Living in Dell Time

For most businesses, warehouses full of stuff are a kind of security blanket. But Dell has replaced inventory with information, and that has helped turn it into one of the fastest, most hyperefficient organizations on the planet. Here’s how Dell uses speed as the ultimate competitive weapon, and why rivals may never be able to catch up.

Liu Chuanzhi

Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group – or Legend Group, as the company used to be called. Leonovo long been regarded as one of China’s best-known business success stories. Having begun life in 1984 as a distributor of foreign PCs, the company has become China’s (and Asia’s) largest computer maker. As strong economic growth during the past decades spurred demand for PCs in China, Legend … [ Read more ]

Where Does Apple Go from Here?

Macintosh market share continues to decline, but the iPod and iTunes are hit products. Where does Apple Computer’s future lie? An interview with HBS professor David Yoffie.

Inside Dell Computer Corporation: Managing Working Capital

The secret to excellence lies in doing many things well. It also requires staying focused on the goal even when tempted to do otherwise.

Editor’s Note: this article is from 1998 but for those not too familiar with Dell it will be of value.

Doubly Blessed?

Integrating Hewlett-Packard and Compaq may have been the easy part. Can HP now beat Dell and IBM at their own game?