Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part Two

Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking for any organization. Find out how you can reduce the risk with a best-practice approach to assessment, evaluation, and selection—and learn how to reduce the time and cost involved in choosing the right solution.

When Is It Safe to Hire?

Incentive programs are common in the software industry, where, instead of relying on a direct sales force, corporations like Sage Software often turn to small resellers to pitch their applications to a vast market of customers. Incentives as extensive and generous as Sage’s are rare, however. For the past three years, the company (formerly known as Best Software) has invested $1 million a year to … [ Read more ]

Lacy Edwards

Lacy Edwards has been in the software industry almost since there was a software industry. He put himself through college by working as a computer programmer after a stint in the Marine Corps, and spent five years at IBM where he was an award-winning sales executive. Since then he has served as CEO of three new companies, building them to the point where they did … [ Read more ]