Justpeople is an online headhunting service that allows employers to find and hire talented candidates.

In an online market swamped with ‘job boards’, Justpeople enables employers and candidates to find each other without the need for adverts. Nor does an employer need to trawl through a raft of CVs to find suitable interviewees.

The system works through a unique search facility that matches an employer’s criteria with the candidate’s qualifications and experience.

When an employer headhunts using Justpeople, they only find the candidates who meet their demands exactly. When a candidate registers their details, they are only offered jobs that are relevant and of interest to them.

Candidates who are used to replying to job adverts and sending off endless CVs will be pleased to know they can now use their time more productively. Once a candidate has added their CV to the database, they don’t need to do it again. The candidate can wait for employers to come direct to them with interview requests and job offers.

The Justpeople user is also provided with access to unique and informative careers content, research and advice, providing them with a truly insightful look at different careers, industries, companies and leaders.

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