MBA Essentials: A free online curriculum to learn skills taught in top MBA programs

The MBA is a famously expensive degree. But most of the academic learning you’ll get in an MBA program can now be had through free online resources. SlideRule ran a detailed study of the “core” curricula of some of the world’s top business schools to determine the essential components of an MBA. Then, we curated the best online resources that teach each of those essential … [ Read more ]

Breaking Bad Leadership Habits

Leaders have to learn and practice new management techniques to overcome the habits that could be holding them back.

How Corporate Learning Drives Competitive Advantage

We’ve been working with companies and researching this area for nearly ten years, and looked at nearly every possible area of corporate training. It turns out that the development high-impact learning is tricky. Last year we published an important new model which shows how a company’s learning strategy matures. We call it our High-Impact Learning Organization Maturity Model.

How GE Builds Global Leaders: A Conversation with Chief Learning Officer Susan Peters

In recent years, GE has faced severe business challenges — the company’s $200 billion market cap is half of what it used to be. Still, an area of enormous strength is the way the company identifies and builds leaders. Much of the credit goes to GE’s corporate learning programs, executed through a learning facility in Crotonville, N.Y. As business becomes more global, how is leadership … [ Read more ]

The Manager’s Handbook: 80+ Open Courseware Collections to Help You Be a Better Leader

Although becoming a leader may seem simple, the fact is that there’s a lot of consideration that goes into management. You not only have to stay on top of your team, but make sure that you’re fostering communication, growth and productivity. Here, we’ll take a look at a number of high quality courses that will show you how to take care of these issues and … [ Read more ]

10 Places to Get a Free Business Education Online

Getting a business education doesn’t have to be expensive. An increasing number of colleges, universities and even nonprofit organizations offer free business courses online. Find out how you can sign up for these courses and what you can get from them.

Free Textbooks You Can Read Online

Free textbooks are a great way to get a free education. This article tells you where you can get all sorts of free textbooks online, including free accounting textbooks, economics textbooks, computer science and technology textbooks, English textbooks, history textbooks and science textbooks.

Rankings for Business Administration OpenCourseWare Education

Some of the top colleges and universities in the world provide free business administration courses online. Here is a list of the best sources.

Management Education’s Unanswered Questions

Managers want the status of professionals, but not all managers want the constraints that go along with professions. Why? For more than 100 years, business education at the top universities has been searching for its soul. HBS professor Rakesh Khurana, author of a new book, says business school education is at a turning point.

Do business books work?

Seth Godin blogs about whether business books work or are they an utter waste of time.

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The Science of Corporate Learning

The notion of different types of learners and learning styles usually refer to “auditory,” “visual” and “verbal.” While these distinctions are valid, there is a different way to think about this: in terms of how people think about their goals.

Sink-or-Swim Attitude Strands New Managers

Training new supervisors has a positive effect on all of the supervisor’s staff and produces more results than the supervisor was able to accomplish as an individual performer. While many companies offer some sort of management training, often it’s ineffective. But by adjusting when the training is conducted, what is included and who conducts it, you can make big differences in the effectiveness of your … [ Read more ]

Learning Styles

While the notion that people learn differently is hardly new, it has been David A. Kolb, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Weatherhead School of Management, who has encapsulated the idea in recent years. Initially on his own and then working with Roger Fry, Kolb put forward a cycle of learning. This article, which serves as an introduction to website offers a nice overview … [ Read more ]

Cisco’s Quick Study

Tom Kelly is using the Web to reinvent training inside the world’s most Internet-centric big company. Here’s what he’s learned about e-learning — and how it’s changing the style and the substance of training at Cisco Systems.

Using Football To Teach Finance

Creating student interest is an important, sometimes difficult, task facing all instructors. One way to stimulate students’ interest is through the use of examples that are interesting and relevant to the students. As the most popular sport in the United States, football provides numerous opportunities for presenting potentially dry, intimidating, academic financial concepts in terms that undergraduate students may find more relevant, understandable, and interesting. … [ Read more ]

Boosting the Instructional Effectiveness of Conference Workshops

To help your facilitators do a better job – and better ensure the overall success of your conferences – consider passing along these basic, but vitally important, recommendations.

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A Lesson Before Buying

University executive-education programs tackle one of the business world’s toughest jobs: teaching M&A.

Does executive education really improve business performance?

“Our line-up of essayists is, we believe, as distinguished as ever. It starts with two eminent deans – John Quelch (formerly of London Business School, now back at Harvard) and Xavier Gilbert and Peter Lorange of IMD. Both naturally promote the virtues of management education – Quelch praising the achievements of the MBA, notably in the United States, Lorange and Gilbert explaining how to make … [ Read more ]

Why Most Training Fails

Most organizations use their training investments about as strategically as they deploy their office supplies spending. And the impact on customer satisfaction, cost containment or quality improvement is just as useless.

When Should Your Organization Use Technology-Based Training?

Many companies are feeling the pressure to employ technology-based training solutions instead of continuing their reliance on traditional classroom training. Some have even taken the plunge with pilot projects, producing both favorable and unfavorable results. But before you go wading into the pricey waters of technology-based training, take the time to look at why many professionals feel it will vastly improve and enhance your … [ Read more ]