Mary Tolan’s Modest Proposal

A rising star at Accenture is advising Big Oil and the auto industry that they can revitalize the economy, mint profits, and save the planet — if they’ll just learn to stop worrying and love hydrogen.

Strategic Value Analysis for Competitive Advantage: An Illustration From the Petroleum Industry

Managers can do a far better job if they understand how each process they manage adds value. SVA is a tool for gaining that understanding.

Editor’s Note: this article will be most interesting to those who care about the oil & gas industry but the SVA concept seemed to me to be poorly elaborated and more useful as a hindsight analytical tool rather than a … [ Read more ]

Saudi Arabia

Can Crown Prince Abdullah lead his desert kingdom into the 21st century? An interesting look at the reform efforts and some general background of Saudi Arabia.

The New Old Economy: Oil, Computers, and the Reinvention of the Earth

“The New Economy is based on the production of knowledge. The Old Economy is based on natural resources and the production of physical goods. Now the line between them is beginning to blur. A New Old Economy is making productivity surge and ushering in an Age of Plenty.”

Excellent article looks specifically at the Oil industry and how it has moved into the modern technology era. … [ Read more ]