US ISSN Center

Are you in the market for an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)? Just like an ISBN, which is the standard identifier for book titles, an ISSN can be used for publications which are issued in parts, usually bearing issue numbers and/or dates (a serial is expected to continue indefinitely). For example, if you are publishing an e-book that you expect to update annually, obtaining an … [ Read more ]

Battle of the E-Mags

This article was written in August, 2000 and examines the births and personalities of a handful of New Economy magazine start-ups, including:
– Red Herring
– Business 2.0
– The Industry Standard
– Fast Company
– Upside
– eCompany Now
You’ll notice that some of these have perished and likewise the article isn’t that fresh, but it is an interesting … [ Read more ]

Amazon Your Industry: Extracting Value from the Value Chain

The inefficient, tradition-bound, $4 billion trade-book industry is using the Internet to unlock an additional $2 billion-plus.

Editor’s Note: this article claims to identify a number of Internet axioms worth consideration by dot-com startups and traditional retailers alike. I didn’t find those at all persuasive or helpful. What I did find interesting was the detailed description of the publishing industry.