The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

Only a select few projects deliver their purpose, meet their expected goals, achieve sustainable benefits, satisfy most stakeholders, meet their deadlines and stay within their original financial budget. So what is the secret? What can we learn from the thousands of failed projects? And how can we develop a framework or tool that guarantees, or at least significantly increases the chance of, project success?

Many of … [ Read more ]

Making It Happen: A Non-Technical Guide to Project Management

This book provides a fresh and clear approach to project management. Written in the form of a novel, it covers the basics of project management in a friendly, interesting, and memorable way.

Will Campbell, a reasonably competent middle manager, is suddenly thrust into managing a high-profile project that could make or break his career. With no project management experience, and armed only with the guidance of … [ Read more ]

Building Project-Management Centers of Excellence (With CD-ROM)

PM Consultant Bolles explains how to drive project management expertise into every corner of the organization using centers of excellence. Half of the book describes how to create the centers; half describes Project Management Institute’s Methodology Guidelines. A CD-ROM includes all of the book’s tools and templates in MS Word and Excel files.