In China: The Importance of Managing Relationships Dynamically

The appliance maker Guangdong Galanz has excelled at managing relationships in a turbulent environment, and its case study illustrates the costs and benefits of relationships, how these pros and cons shift over time, and, most important, how executives can manage them effectively in a constantly shifting context.

Watch Out, Coke and Pepsi – Here Comes Wahaha

Wahaha, whose main products are milk drinks, bottled water and mixed congee, is the number one beverage company in China, with revenues of 11.4 billion yuan ($1.37 billion) and profits of 1.35 billion yuan ($162.7 million) in 2004. The company was started in 1987 by Zong Qinghou, its 60-year-old chairman and CEO. In an interview with Wharton marketing professor John Zhang, Zong talks about his … [ Read more ] is China’s claims 800,000 unique visitors and takes up to 4,000 orders a day, more than half these days for DVDs and CDs. The firm’s founder monitors Amazon for new ideas, which she then pinches–and encourages her employees to order from the American firm’s site to get hints for customising her own.

Editor’s Note: this is a topical article without long-lasting business take-aways, but the inside … [ Read more ]

A point of light in Mumbai

By developing a low-cost distribution channel, an Indian nonprofit organization can deliver child education and nutrition programs for just a few dollars a child per year.

A Passage From India (Infosys)

Infosys has emerged as a titan of the global software industry by carefully designing and constructing a unique corporate culture. Continued growth will test the quality and soundness of the company s architecture.

CINCO (A): Challenging Traditions and Charting Reform, (B):Turf Wars

The road to reform in China is paved with detours and dangerous curves. Among the hazards are the traditional values that thrived under state run rule, but which now serve to slow progress. Looking at the case of CINCO, one of China’s oldest and largest insurers, Sarah Meegan and Professor Steven White show how the best intentions can be stymied by intractable cultural … [ Read more ]

Airpork – From Zero to Hero: What Next?

A 1998 livestock virus in Malaysia left a gaping hole in the pork market in Singapore, a country that relies solely on imports for its pork consumption. Into the gap stepped Australia, one of the world’s largest exports of meat and livestock. Intent on being more than just a short-term solution, Australia’s pig farmers took the opportunity to brand its product and succeeded … [ Read more ]

CP Group: From Seeds to ‘Kitchen of the World’

Thailand’s CP Group became Asia’s largest agro-industrial company through the development and geographic expansion of its vertically integrated system. In this new Case Study, Professor Peter Williamson and Keeley Wilson explain how CP build the capabilities required for success and used alliances and joint ventures to expand beyond its core business and into processed foods.

Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. – Honda’s Entry into the Chinese Car Market

When Peugeot pulled out of its partnership with the Guangzhou Automobile Group in 1997, it left behind slow sales, a decrepit factory filled with 20-year-old equipment, and 1,600 exasperated employees. In this new Case Study, Professors Philippe Lasserre and Ming Zeng, and Hiromi Hinata tell how Honda turned this picture around.

Beginning with $60,000 and a dream, shot to the top in less than two years and is now the world’s largest online marketplace for international trade among small- and medium-sized enterprises. But just like the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, making it inside the cave is only the beginning of the adventure. Professor Ming Zeng describes’s rise, explains the challenges … [ Read more ]

Using Networking for Competitive Advantage: The Lippo Group of Indonesia and Hong Kong

Mochtar Riady, the son of immigrant shopkeepers, got his start in banking in 1960. Now he heads a global financial powerhouse with $11 billion in assets. The secret? Putting everything into allegiances and alliances to gain a foothold on the world stage.