The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos’s Fire Phone Debacle And What It Means For Amazon’s Future

In many ways, the Fire Phone is the perfect symbol of these opposing perceptions of Amazon. It represents everything proponents love about the company—the wild experimentation, the appetite for risk-taking—as well as everything that critics now deride: its huge expenditures, its blithe embrace of an imagined future where the big bets pay off, and its inability to create anything with real style. Understanding Amazon’s journey … [ Read more ]

Inside Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s Entertainment Empire

Snapchat boasts 100 million daily users—yet is wildly misunderstood even by key media partners. Here’s what everyone is missing.

This is a story about understanding Snapchat’s contradictions, the seemingly irreconcilable facts that make Spiegel and his creation as inscrutable—and undeniable—as Kanye West. In interviews with key Snapchat executives, board members, investors, and dozens of advertisers and media partners, the picture becomes clearer. While Snapchat declined to … [ Read more ]

Quest to Dethrone Nike and Jump-Start Baltimore

Kevin Plank is out to build the “baddest brand on the planet.” Here’s where the city fits in.

The Inside Story of Facebook’s Biggest Setback

The social network had a grand plan to connect millions of Indians to the internet. Here’s how it all went wrong.

Coordinating Disaster Logistics after El Salvador’s Earthquakes using SUMA’s Humanitarian Supply Management System

The logistics of disaster relief projects using supply management technology and the complex relationships between numerous parties during a series of natural disasters in El Salvador are mined for key lessons and their pertinence to future international rescue projects. The case analyses the management of this series of disasters and lays out key learning points for such future projects with especial relevance for international multi-partner … [ Read more ]

The World Wrestling Federation: Vince McMahon vs. Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart

Professional wrestling has been popular in North American for over a century, though mostly limited to small arenas and controlled by local promoters. It was Vince McMahon, head of an East Coast operation, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), who made the sport a national enthusiasm in the 1980s.

This was all to change in 1988, when Ted Turner and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) arrived on … [ Read more ]

The Evolution of the Circus Industry (A); Even a Clown Can Do It: Cirque de Soleil Recreates Live Entertainment (B)

In 1984, a small band of Canadian street performers set out to breathe life back into the tired circus industry. In creating Cirque de Soleil, a unique amalgam of circus, opera, theater, and spectacle, founders Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier turned what used to be traditional circus shows for kids into unconventional entertainment, primarily targeted to adults. This case explores how this troupe went … [ Read more ]

The Wendel family: The Wendel Family: “Affectio Societatis” (A) – The Story of a French Industrial Dynasty (1704-1976)

Few of us have kin whose life spans hundreds of years, but the Wendel family could consider its baby long-lived. The family founded a company in 1704 and it’s still prosperous. Professor Ludo Van der Heyden and Christine Blondel trace the family tree and the family business in this case.

“This case shows the history of a large family firm over nine generations of family … [ Read more ]