Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited: At the Crossroads

As India edged nearer to full membership of the World Trade Organisation in 2005, Indian pharmaceutical companies faced new realities. For Ranbaxy Laboratories, a major player in the Indian generic drugs market, a successful adaptation to life in this new market was key to the company’s future. This case, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited: At the Crossroads by Amitava Chattopadhyay and Swati Srivastava examines one company facing … [ Read more ]

Zantac (A&B)

The anti-ulcer market is one of the largest categories of prescription drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Its history dates to 1976, when a US based pharmaceutical company SmithKline launched Tagamet. This Nobel prize-winning breakthrough drug quickly rose to become the largest-selling pharmaceutical product. As the incumbent, Tagamet seemed unshakeable, but with the introduction of its ‘me-too’ product Zantac, UK-based Glaxo managed to … [ Read more ]

Marketing Strategies in the Competition Between Branded and Generic Antibiotics (A): Clamoxyl in 1996, (B): Augmentin in 2002

The high cost of pharmaceuticals is a serious concern for government officials trying to reduce health care expenditures. In this new Case Study, Professor Chandon and Research Associate Sarah Spargo, look at the battle between branded and generic prescription drugs, and explain how SmithKline Beecham reacted to a direct attack on one of their ‘jewel’ drugs.

Rhodex-Puguet S.A.

Rhodex-Puguet has long been a leader in the specialty chemicals market. Its success has been attributed to heavy investment in R&D, but lately, instead of producing innovative, new products, it’s having problems with missed deadlines, overworked staff and unclear expectations. So what does a firm do when it finds its R&D suddenly stands for Returns Declining? Professor Arnoud De Meyer challenges you to find the … [ Read more ]

Post-Merger Integration: How Novartis Became No. 1

Once the deal is done, the hard work begins of integrating people, processes and systems, on a global basis.

The Rocky Road from Startup to Big-Time Player: Biogen’s Triumph Against the Odds

How does a fledgling company become an industry powerhouse? By managing itself professionally and betting on the right products. The case of Biogen shows how it can be done.