Safe Enough to Try: An Interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

Organizations are more likely to innovate and thrive when they unleash the potential of individuals and the power of self-organizing teams, says the online retailer’s CEO.

Linda A. Hill on the Creative Power of the Many

The Harvard Business School professor explains how leaders can harness collective genius to achieve innovation success.

Rita Gunther McGrath on the End of Competitive Advantage

The Columbia Business School professor says the era of sustainable competitive advantage is being replaced by an age of flexibility. Are you ready?

At the Court of King Henry

A visit and conversation with Henry Chesbrough on all things open innovation and the challenges of sustaining the open business model.

An Interview with Yves Doz

Yves Doz is Professor of Strategic Management and the Timken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation at INSEAD, and Visiting Professor at the Helsinki School of Economics. He was Dean of Executive Education (1998-2002) and Associate Dean for Research and Development (1990-1995) at INSEAD. He has also taught at the Harvard Business School, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University, and Aoyama Gakuin … [ Read more ]

The Innovativeness of Nations

INSEAD professor Soumitra Dutta’s Global Innovation Index helps show which nations are on the rise and which are not.

Grand Designs

Few organizations, Tim Brown says, are set up to allow much creative collaboration, and even those are often afflicted by a culture that mishandles the results. “Too many ideas that get through to the market make it there because somebody senior is the one sponsoring them,” he says, “not because they’re necessarily the best ideas.”

Brown, president and CEO of Palo Alto-based IDEO, looks to “design … [ Read more ]

The Open-Minded Professor

Scott Wilson of Deloitte Research met with Eric von Hippel of MIT’s Sloan School of Management to find out how established companies are — or could be — managing in the face of the open innovation phenomenon.

Creating Great Products with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, Inventor of the Personal Computer

2007 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the introduction of the Apple II, the first true personal computer. Because of his belief that everyone should be able to afford and use a computer, its creator, Steve Wozniak, pioneered an ingenious low-cost design that combined ease-of-use with valuable functionality.

Babson Insight recently interviewed the Woz, as he is known, and asked him to go beyond the tale … [ Read more ]