The Fortune 500 Teller

Having applied the logic of physics to predict the life expectancy of biological creatures and cities, Geoffrey West is now searching for the scientific principles that dictate the life spans of companies.

The Ito Factor

Joi Ito is a sage voice on the Internet, web innovation and technology policy, with a keen interest in communities and the role of technology in community innovation. An early investor in start-ups such as Twitter and Flickr, he established a powerful network that saw his impact in the Valley soar. More recently, Ito made headlines when he was named director of the world renowned … [ Read more ]

Geeks, Tweets and Cash: A conversation with Riley Crane of MIT Media Lab

Social media have emerged as a boardroom topic: there is a vague sense that something important is happening. Yet for business leaders several fundamental questions remain around social media and more broadly around the use of online social networks in enabling business models.

Among the most prominent researchers in the emerging field of social media is Riley Crane, perhaps best known as the leader of the … [ Read more ]

An Offshoring Model to Create Better Value: Interview with Narayana Murthy

Narayana Murthy, cofounder of Infosys, the global IT services company based in India, consistently makes the list of most admired/most respected/most powerful global leaders, being named one of BusinessWeek’s Stars of Asia as well as one of Time’s top 10 global leaders who are helping to shape the future of technology. Here he talks innovation, offshoring and social responsibility with IESE’s Sandra Sieber.

Why Are We in Business?

Ad man Roy Spence wants to know what your purpose is.

Notes From Buffett Meeting 2/15/2008

Here are notes from a Q&A session with Buffett hosted for students from Emory’s Goizueta Business School and McCombs School of Business at UT Austin.