The Distance

Basecamp spent three years telling the stories of people who run businesses that endured 25 years or more. Have a listen — they’re an inspiration for anyone looking to build a business that goes the distance.


Google has launched what it calls a “curated platform” on the Web for sharing management ideas—both its own and those of other companies. The site features research-backed examples of how Google approaches things like hiring and anti-bias training, providing free public tools such as slide decks and checklists that the company uses internally. The site will also feature other companies: case studies of employers like … [ Read more ]

World Management Survey (WMS)

The WMS is an international research institute measuring differences in management practices across organizations and countries. WMS generates reports and data that help managers and policy makers understand the drivers of better management practices. On the site, you can even benchmark your manufacturing firm, hospital, school, or retail outlet against others in your country, industry or size class.

APQC Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative research

Executives wanting to know how their organization’s performance stacks up in comparison with that of their industry peers and leading-edge organizations worldwide can access a valuable new resource. A group of large corporations, government organizations and consulting firms has joined forces with the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), a Houston-based nonprofit, to form the Open Standards Benchmarking Collaborative. The organization will create and promote … [ Read more ]

UK Department of Trade and Industry – Best Practice

Government has been at the forefront of best practice and quality management and this site published by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reinforces the use of best practice principles as a way of helping businesses become more efficient, competitive and profitable. Contains case studies, reports and a range of self-assessment tools, to help improve many aspects of a business from innovation, raising … [ Read more ]

CSO Magazine and CERT Security Capability Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Security Capability Assessment Tool, created by CSO Magazine and the Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Coordination Center. This is an exercise for security professionals to assess their current security practices and to determine which practices are repeatable, documented, and regularly reviewed and updated — characteristics that enhance security strategy and policies. The tool is organized into four topic areas — Risk Assessment/Management, Management … [ Read more ]

Information Technology Services Qualification Center (ITsqc)

Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science recently published a Cliff Notes-like guide to IT outsourcing. The university unveiled its eServices Capability Model, a framework for assessing service providers and a collection of industry best practices.

Carnegie Mellon developed the model using its own research and the expertise of service providers such as Accenture and Satyam Computer Services Ltd. The model should provide companies with information … [ Read more ]

Idea Site for Business

This site offers hundreds of marketing and creative ideas gleaned from experts far and wide are digested into topic-specific, bite-sized chunks. The navigation is clear but could use some improvement. The site also offers some advertising and PR services, none of which I can speak to.

Reengineering Resource Center

This site focused on reengineering is in the process of being rebuilt (unsure how long it has been in that state). The features offered are limited, but the library of articles is of value.