MBA Excel Story Tracker

The key to preparing for behavioral interview questions is to ensure that you have proper coverage for all of the core behavioral question types. To put it another way, you want to make sure that you have a story that applies to every question your interviewer might ask. What you really want to avoid is being prompted with a question you didn’t prepare … [ Read more ]


31Projects is an online platform that helps connect such graduate students with companies and organizations in need of business expertise. It bills itself as “a project marketplace connecting organizations with top MBA and graduate students through real-world projects.” The site maintains a network of prescreened students interested in solving real-world business problems—it’s open only to full-time students and recent alumni from the top graduate management … [ Read more ]

Unemployment Rescue Kit

When IT program manager Andrew Makar found himself the victim of unexpected downsizing, he mapped out a strategy for finding a new job – and it worked. The tips, tactics, and contact matrix tool included in this download will help you build your own plan of action.

“Compensation in startups is one of the tougher topics to manage, in large part because there is very little information on the topic…until recently, that is. The best source of compensation info for startups that I have come across is an annual survey conducted by J. Robert Scott, Ernst & Young and WilmerHale. Professor Noam Wasserman at HBS does the analysis for this … [ Read more ]

JASPER: Monster’s Job Assets & Strengths Profiler

The JASPER test is the new standard in career testing and assesment.

Based on over 60 years of research, this fun and enlightening test will uncover your job strengths and preferences and help you use them to your advantage.

* Discover your work and leadership style
* Gain confidence in your job related skills
* Enhance your ability to work with others
* Improve your resume, … [ Read more ] features completely free access to over 1200 articles and resources on solving problems with difficult managers.

Coach Wooden

Learn about legendary basketball coach John Wooden’s pyramid of success at this site.

Certified MBA™ (CMBA)

The Certified MBA™ (CMBA) is the first and only objective measure of a student’s grasp of the MBA skill set. It is a distinction that inspires confidence among prospective employers.

You’ve already done the hard work, now apply for the distinction that can help you be more successful in your job search.

MBAs need to develop their own levels of Self Awareness

Your Career Advancement is directly proportional to your Leadership Ability, which in turn is directly proportional to your level of Emotional Intelligence, of which Self Awareness is perhaps the most important ingredient.

Salary Expert

This site positions itself as the most complete and accurate resource for compensation data. It provides salary, benefit and cost-of-living information. As the site proclaims, it urges HR professionals to become educated by taking advantage of the sites on-line courses to improve their pay practice knowledge and skills. The site provides extensive data on assessing salaries for 30,000 job titles within certain geographic areas. [Babson … [ Read more ]

Stock Options and Related Plans

This easy to navigate site from the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) offers articles, research, publications, meetings and links to other resources – all focused on stock options (note: they also have a section on ESOPs)


Created and maintained by the Office of Personnel Management, FedScope is an analytic data processing Web tool to help users find and analyze Federal employment data. FedScope offers several “canned reports” which have already been created as well as “freestyle reports” that allow users to choose which of the thirteen key data elements they would like to include in each custom chart or graph they … [ Read more ]

This jobsite for the PR field also serves as a great resource for both PR neophyte and pro allike. The resources section includes the following topics: Industry Research (incl. strategic PR articles, reports, speeches, and white papers); Events & Seminars; PR Agency Info; and Career Services.

Your Career in Finance

This presentation by Tim Opler (of Ohio State University) discusses a wide variety of topics related to a career in finance. Somewhat dated (1997) but still useful for those interested in the field who have no real background.


Resources for 25 Industries

Leading European On-Line Career site matching MBAs with Corporate Employers

The Riley Guide

The Riley Guide is a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet. It is primarily intended to provide instruction for job seekers on how to use the Internet to their best advantage. They do not post jobs nor do they post or review resumes.

200 Sample Cover Letters

As the title suggests, a collection of sample cover letters to aid your career management goals

Dice: High Tech Jobs

IT Jobsite