Learning Organization Survey

This online diagnostic tool is part of a Harvard Business Review package on organizational learning aimed at helping you judge your own organization’s learning capabilities. It will help you answer key questions, including: To what extent is your unit functioning as a learning organization? and what are the relationships among the factors that affect learning in your unit?

The Global Knowledge Primer

Today, there is a plethora of knowledge websites, conferences, training and certification programs, enterprise initiative and economic strategies – all based on the simple tenant that knowledge is today’s most precious resource to be managed effectively into the new Millennium.

This Primer has been organized to provide perspective on the movement – its roots, its leadership, its current practice and its vision. This publication has been … [ Read more ]

Gantthead – Knowledge Management

Well known in IT circles for its resources that can fill experience gaps for project managers on site. Gantthead’s knowledge management ‘department’ offers connections to a community of peers working in this area. Registration is required to access information at the site but such registration is free and non-intrusive. Knowledge management (KM) feature articles vie for the visitor’s attention with the more regular KM channels … [ Read more ]

Knowledge Connections

This impressive site is aimed at senior executives and policy makers and advises on creating and implementing successful knowledge-based strategies. The site’s areas of expertise include strategy development, planning and implementation, knowledge commercialization and analysis of developments and best practice in knowledge management. First-time visitors to the site may wish to follow the ‘K-Map’ for a guide to the key pages that will be most … [ Read more ]


We do a lot of brainstorming … projects, problems, reports, how to communicate a difficult idea. And we’re pretty visual folks around here – we work best when we can “see” our thoughts and how they relate. MindManager is the tool that lets us develop our ideas and map out plans of action visually, on the spot, then share those creations with others. It’s an … [ Read more ]

Entovation International Ltd.

ENTOVATION® International serves as the hub of a world-wide network of expertise exploring new methods of Knowledge Innovation. The ENTOVATION® Network offers a unique combination of benefits:
– Access to a network of both theorists and practitioners.
– Worldwide exposure to the most progressive managerial concepts.
– Systematic assessment with capabilities across the entire innovation spectrum.
– Universal application across functions, … [ Read more ]

Introduction to Knowledge Management

Introduction to Knowledge Management provides numerous resources that explain the major tenants and theories of knowledge management.

The Knowledge Management Advantage

This web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition. Among other things, find:
– Knowledge Management Overview
– Knowledge Management Articles
– Knowledge Management Bibliography
– Knowledge Management Links
– Communities of Practice Directory
– Knowledge Management News and Views
– Knowledge Management Events
– Knowledge Management Leadership
– Collection of Quotes … [ Read more ]

DenhamGrey KM Wiki

Consultant Denham Grey calls his Web log and resource portal “the largest collaborative KM repository on the Web,” and he may be right. Grey’s site is an entertaining-not to mention informative-collection of personal essays, links to a wealth of knowledge management resources and, well, just interesting stuff. Here you’ll find articles on everything from knowledge practices to knowledge tools, from the KM market to KM … [ Read more ]

Knowledge Management World

What you will find on this site: 100 Companies that matter in KM, Online Resources, Buyer’s Guide, Industry News, and KM Events

Digital Commerce Center (USC)

Digital Commerce Center contains research and resources in the areas of electronic commerce, Internet advertising, digital asset management, media convergence, organizational knowledge, small business advice, corporate education, and business financing.

How Much Information?

Suffering from information overload? According to this new study from the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley, “the world’s total yearly production of print, film, optical, and magnetic content would require roughly 1.5 billion gigabytes of storage.” Magnetic storage is by far the most common medium for storing information, accounting for an estimated 635,660 to 1,693,000 terabytes per … [ Read more ]

Knowledge Management News

Knowledge Management News™ is a free monthly eZine focused on Knowledge Management, Creativity and Innovation. Other than their useful newsletter, the site contains recommended readings, related jobs, conferences, links, products & tools, and editorials.

Knowledge Management: A Bibliographic Resource

Co-edited by John Hokkanen, a business and technology strategist, and Tricia Bond, a research librarian, Knowledge Management: A Bibliographic Resource is a straight-forward annotated bibliography of online articles relating to knowledge management (KM). The articles are organized by topic, including What is KM?, Why are Successful KM Projects Rare?, and Knowledge Management Technologies. Along with the links, the date and source of each article, as … [ Read more ]

WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management

This all-inclusive site focused on knowledge management features an extensive collection of research papers, articles, and interviews on topics such as data mining, complexity theory, and “the human side of knowledge management.”