The First 100 Days: The New CEO’s Challenge

The first few months as CEO, when he/she is just starting to grasp the challenges of his/her new job, may well turn out to be the most crucial of their tenure. The key to success is to approach this time systematically. One needs to conduct an organizational assessment and build a comprehensive roadmap that can take the company in the direction he/she envision. Then he/she … [ Read more ]


This site aims to provide visitors with cutting-edge resources on leadership and value systems with a special emphasis on the consideration of multicultural, global issues. Resources at the site have been written or selected to assist leaders in all kinds of organization to develop their skills. In addition, it examines the qualities and behaviour of famous leaders throughout the centuries. Visitors are invited to take … [ Read more ]

Coach Wooden

Learn about legendary basketball coach John Wooden’s pyramid of success at this site.

Online Bibliography of Military Leadership

This site provides over 4,000 references on leadership, particularly but not limited to military leadership. It is intended to be of use to those doing research on military leadership or leadership in general.

Editor’s Note: keep in mind this is a bibliography – there is nothing you can read directly on the site to learn about leadership, merely references to good sources to read…’s Guide to Leadership

“What makes a great — and enduring — leader?” This guide is a roundup of the best Inc. articles that address that question. Topics include: skills, communication, delegation and team building.

Baldridge Plus

This site is focused around the ideas involved with the world-famous Baldridge Award. You’ll find lots of useful information that extends the concepts of Baldridge to your organization in the following areas: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customers & Markets, Information & Analysis, Human Resources, Process Management, and Business Results. You’ll also quite naturally find information useful for writing a Baldridge application, winning company case … [ Read more ]

Wharton Leadership Digest

Monthly digest from Wharton’s Center for Leadership & Change Management.

LC21.Com – Leadership Communications for the 21st Century

This site, created by John Baldoni, is designed to help managers create, plan, manage, recognize, and lead more effectively by providing tips and pointers you can implement immediately to improve your leadership skills. Categories found on the site include: Practice, Thoughts, Speeches, Humor, Quotes, Commentaries, Services and Hot Links.

Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management

An independently managed web site of the Wharton School dedicated to building basic and practical understanding of leadership and change