MBAs Without Borders

MBAs Without Borders was formed as an international not-for-profit organization bringing innovative solutions to developing countries by matching experienced business volunteers with local businesses and NGOs.


A decade of explosive growth of new U.S. charities, combined with a stick-to-your-knitting economy, has led to a shortage of board diretors at nonprofits. Worst off are organizations with budgets under $10 million, which account for 95 percent of all U.S. nonprofits. As many as 3 million board seats are collecting dust, according to a report by the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and Volunteer … [ Read more ]

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide

This is a simple, useful site for the new nonprofit manager who wants to review standards of practice in the industry. You’ll find suggested dos and don’ts on a variety of nonprofit issues including fundraising, governance, staff development, volunteer management, and advocacy. The site was developed by The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Grand Valley State University. [HBS Working Knowledge … [ Read more ]

Yale School of Management/ Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership for Nonprofit Ventures

The Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures is a major initiative at the Yale School of Management focusing on social entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector. The Partnership was created to respond to a growing interest in income generation among nonprofit organizations. Many of these organizations seek to supplement their philanthropic activity with business income, but need assistance to do so. With major funding from The Pew Charitable … [ Read more ]

Network for Good

This site has three major functions:
*** Make a donation ***
Find a charity you’d like to support.

*** Be a volunteer ***
Share your time and energy.

*** Speak out ***
Speak up about what you care about.

“Network for Good was founded by the AOL Time Warner Foundation; the Cisco Foundation; and Yahoo! Inc., in partnership with over 20 nonprofit foundations and associations who … [ Read more ]

Common Wealth

Looking for a good roundup of news and articles that make connections between nonprofits and world events? Common Wealth, a companion Web site to the print journal The American Prospect, could be just the ticket. The site (and the journal) presents articles on nonprofits, civil society, and philanthropy. While the site provides access to the print magazine’s archives, it also showcases online-only extras including articles … [ Read more ]

Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations

Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations, published in August 2001 by Venture Philanthropy Partners, brings some common language to the discussion of capacity building and offers insights and examples of how nonprofits have pursued building up their organizational muscle. The report contributes to the growing national conversation about how to help nonprofits become stronger, more sustainable and better able to serve their communities. McKinsey & … [ Read more ]

National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS)

A project of the Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, the NCCS is “is the national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States,” charged with developing and providing quality data on “nonprofit organizations and their activities for use in research on the relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, the commercial sector, and the broader civil society.” At the site, visitors … [ Read more ]

Internet Nonprofit Center

Offers information for and about nonprofit organizations in the United States…..
(1) The Locator assists with clarifying the legal name and exact location of any nonprofit registered with the Internal Revenue Service
(2) The Nonprofit FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”) presents information on a wide range of topics of interest to leaders and managers of nonprofit organizations
(3) The Library offers longer essays … [ Read more ]


Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders. The site is divided into three major categories: Take Action, Tools for Nonprofits, Find a Job. Their database includes 20,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 140 countries.

Benton’s Best Practices Toolkit

Tools to help nonprofits make effective use of communications and information technologies