Network for Good

This site has three major functions:
*** Make a donation ***
Find a charity you’d like to support.

*** Be a volunteer ***
Share your time and energy.

*** Speak out ***
Speak up about what you care about.

“Network for Good was founded by the AOL Time Warner Foundation; the Cisco Foundation; and Yahoo! Inc., in partnership with over 20 nonprofit foundations and associations who share the desire to foster the informed use of the Internet for civic participation and philanthropy. The Website aggregates content and resources from these leaders, organizes them and makes them available in one comprehensive, easy-to-use destination, which also helps to expand the reach, effectiveness and pervasiveness of all of Network for Good’s nonprofit partners.

Network for Good is the first coalition of its kind to help nonprofit organizations become more effective and efficient. Network for Good will help them further their mission by integrating the full power of the online medium into their own operations such as fundraising, recruitment and advocacy. This new ePhilanthropy portal also incorporates many of the tools and resources of, which pioneered online giving and volunteering.”

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