The Small Business Management Knowledge Base

This reference guide is designed to serve as a comprehensive small business management manual. It contains numerous topics that cover most aspects of small business management. You will find here hundreds of guides, worksheets and tips that will give you solutions to almost every problem or situation you can possibly encounter in the course of operating your business.

Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse

The mission of the Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse (SBDCNET) is to meet the information needs of the SBDC community in the United States and its territories. SBDCNET serves as a resource providing timely, relevant research, web-based information, and training to SBDC counselors and their small business clients.

The goals of SBDCNET are to:
– support the SBDC Counselor with research and … [ Read more ]

Start-Up Kits

These kits offer industry, market, and operations information for over 40 types of businesses. The site includes how-to guides with comments from successful entrepreneurs, suggestions for researching business opportunities and creating a business plan, and links to associations and franchises. It also features an e-mail service for an expert’s advice about starting out, sales and marketing, management and operations, and other matters.

Editor’s Note: most … [ Read more ]

The Business Plan – Road Map to Success

Get advice on putting together a business plan from the SBA (Small Business Administration) – The Small Business Knowledge Base

“A comprehensive free resource of small business information. Packed with dozens of guides, tools and techniques.”

With a focus on providing legal and regulatory information for small businesses, this site gathers up hard-to-find research and resources into one useful package for time- and cash-strapped small business owners. Topics range from plain English guides to starting (or ending) a business and managing employees to specialized issues such as e-commerce and exporting.

The site also acts as a gateway to federal, state and local … [ Read more ]

The creators of business planning software and site now bring us, a website devoted to the art of marketing plans. Do you need to create a marketing plan? Browse the site to find a business like yours, then review the sample plan. Cut and paste. Or you could choose to read “OnTarget,” the free Web book on the site, which is all about … [ Read more ]

My Own Business – A Free Internet Course On How To Start A Business

“Too often people fail in business because they make avoidable mistakes! My Own Business is an online, eleven-session course providing the basic do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs. The course is intended for both start-up and already operating entrepreneurs. With audio Sound Bytes, quizzes, feed back and a tool to create your own business plan, the site is fully interactive.

Developed from the “real world” experience … [ Read more ]

CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit

The CCH Business Owner’s Toolkit offers the SOHO Guidebook to answer your business, tax, and legal questions and to get practical tips that will help you work smarter, save money, and stay in compliance with the law. Or try out some of the business tools and see how you can get the job done easier and save significant time and dollars in the process. And … [ Read more ]


Created by Adams Media, a publisher of small business books and software titles, BusinessTown is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Thanks to content from the Adams Media library of publications, the site contains hundreds of articles covering 25 separate business topics — from the expected advertising, legal and marketing to time management, turn around and valuing a business.

At the site, you’ll find articles and tips on marketing on a budget. I find the site disorganized and the search feature is not focused enough. You may want to jump to the ‘Down To Business: A Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Marketers’ link on the right-hand side of the page. Here you will find the closest thing to an organized selection of many … [ Read more ]’s Guide to Running a One-Person Business

This guide provides links to’s best resources on everything a soloist needs to know — from buying insurance and paying taxes to designing a home office and getting clients to pay on time.’s Guide to Controlling Costs

Simple, everyday cost-shaving strategies can help get your business off the ground. Or, if you’re further along in the process, these strategies can help you grow your business faster.’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Business Partner

Jobs and Wozniak. Gates and Ballmer. Some partnerships have infinite potential. And some don’t. A good business partner shares your vision and echoes your passion. In short, the right partnership can be a match made in heaven. Of course, a mismatch can lead to disaster.’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Business Partner offers insights from successful pairings as well as caveats from partnerships that … [ Read more ]

Online Small Business Workshop

Created and maintained by the Canada Business Service Centres, the Online Small Business Workshop is a highly-detailed and thorough online course on arming new business owners with the tools they need to start a new business. The class is broken down into five lessons. The course begins with “Starting with a Good Idea” and walks users through the rest of the steps ending with “Basic … [ Read more ]

The Upstart Small Business Legal Guide

An online book covering the legal basics of starting and running a business. Includes 20 chapters:
1. You and Your Attorney
2. How to Get Started in Business
3. How to Select the Best Business Form
4. How to Make Your Corporation Tax-Free
5. Buying or Selling a Business
6. Franchises
7. How to Save Time on … [ Read more ]

Kimberly L. McCall brings you, a resource for articles on marketing topics. Find tips for marketing success in the free resources area, which covers everything from starting a business to tips on conducting successful marketing campaigns.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

This government site has a wealth of useful resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs. is a “knowledge sharing community and human-powered search tool” for those running and serving small businesses. The advice network is based on the knowledge management systems of large businesses, meaning that they expect community members to informally share their successes and failures. Users are encouraged to ask for advice on a variety of business topics. Advisors answer questions, and those looking for advice … [ Read more ]

ABCs of Small Business

ABCs of Small Business is the small business education site of VentureConsult. It is a resource for small business owners and the people who want to start or buy a business. It aims to provide one place that would answer most basic business questions without getting deeply into esoteric academics or giving people a hard sell.