Top 51 Strategy Frameworks

These are the top 51 strategy frameworks used by worldwide, successful companies to thrive in different aspects of the corporate sector. Each one of them has proven to be a valuable addition in the enormous world of business frameworks to increase professional evaluation and profit margins of an organization.

Information Systems and Strategy Course

Chris Kimble taught a MBA course on Information Systems and Strategy for the past few years in the Euromed Marseille School of Management, World Med MBA Program. It will no longer feature in the MBA but all of the web pages and lecture notes are still there on-line for your use.

Partnering Intelligence Resource Library

Partnering Intelligence, a consulting firm specializing in strategic partnerships, offers up a series of articles, white papers, case studies, video interviews, and newsletter archives.

Learn to Conduct Competitive Analysis

This PowerPoint training tool shows you how to analyze your company’s competitive advantages and disadvantages. This tool explains the strategic group map technique of competitive analysis and includes a case study that illustrates how one company used this technique to plan an expansion of its facilities and services. This tool can help you improve your own understanding of competitive analysis or you can share it … [ Read more ]

Brandeis professor Ben Gomes-Casseres, a Harvard Business School alum, has developed a useful Web site on alliance strategy and management. Free content here includes useful presentation slides, forums, and other materials on the topic that he has written for a variety of publications and occasions. Materials range from an op-ed piece on the death of co-opetition to a presentation urging managers to create alliance strategies, … [ Read more ]

Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness

The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, led by Michael Porter, studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of nations, regions and cities; and solutions to social problems. Based at Harvard Business School, the Institute is dedicated to extending the research pioneered by Professor Porter and disseminating it to scholars and practitioners.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out the Publications, Speeches … [ Read more ]

War, Chaos, and Business: Modern Business Strategy

This unique Website, hosted by Kettle Creek Corporation, offers articles and presentations on the theories of Colonel John R. Boyd, a USAF strategist. Boyd wrote extensively on the ideas of agility and time-based competition. The former refers to the ability “to generate ambiguity, isolation, and panic in the opposing side.” Boyd advocated combining agility with time-based competition, “to operate in rapid decision cycle time,” in … [ Read more ]

An excellent site offering tutorials and opinion from both professionals and professors.

Sun Tzu and the Art of Business

This page in support of the book by the same name (by Mark McNeilly) is geared toward those involved in business strategy, competitive analysis, and market research. It offers a summary of the six principles espoused in the book, a self-analysis quiz, examples of strategy in the news, and resources in several areas.

Maximizing Alliances

Maximizing Alliances is based on the book Alliance Competence by Robert Spekman of The Darden School at the University of Virginia. He believes that it takes a certain competence to be successful in alliances. He describes what alliances are, why they form, why they are important, characteristics of alliances, and more.

Editor’s Note: the original site, nMinds, is no longer alive but you can watch … [ Read more ]

The Value Chain (Industry Week)

From Industry Week, The Value Chain is an online publication providing up-to-date information, articles, and resources on value chain management (VCM), a theory of management that considers every step of manufacturing a product, from raw materials “right down to disposing of the packaging after use.” Along with feature articles and columns about value chain management, the site also contains a FAQ, which offers excellent basic … [ Read more ]

McKinsey Quarterly

an online library of brilliant essays from one of the pre-eminent consulting firms in a host of specific industry areas, as well as broad strategic subjects and new areas like strategy, organization and marketing.