Don’t Let That Speech Get the Better of You

There are two types of presenters, those who are nervous before presenting and those who are liars. John Davies, looks at the fear of public speaking.

The Language of Leadership

Great presentations tap into the needs and aspirations of the audience, and they all have the same objective, and that is to create a lasting memory of your presentation to ensure your product or service is at the forefront of people minds. From our understanding and learning of the great speeches and presentations, we are able to pick out six key concepts and easy to … [ Read more ]

10 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd

Are you surprised to see how little you spend on meeting new people and re-connecting with long-time contacts? Or are you shocked to realize how much you spend and want more return on your investment? If you want to make the most of your memberships here are 10 tips. They’ll help you enhance your reputation, establish your credibility, and raise your visibility.

Be Strategic Not Scattershot to Make Networking Pay Off

Taking a scattershot approach when networking is the biggest mistake we see people make. Don’t try one mailing, one dinner, and one speech – in rapid succession – then say, “Well, those things don’t work!” Neither does joining all the area Chambers of Commerce and an alphabet soup of civic and service clubs. But strategic networking can bring in the business. Use these … [ Read more ]

Business Book Summary Resources

Book summaries can be a useful tool to time-starved souls who want to keep up with business thought, trends, concepts, etc. In the spirit of summarizing, here is a summary of the various book summary services along with some free resources.

UPDATED December 2015

Three Excel Functions Every New Recruit Should Know Intimately

Regardless of what type of organisation you work for and what type of role you have, the ability to use Microsoft Excel well makes a huge difference to both the ease and proficiency with which you are able to perform. Excel mastery comes with months if not years of daily interaction that, admittedly, may not be the norm in many jobs. However, the 80-20 rule … [ Read more ]