Class Takeaways — Managing Successful Groups and Teams

How do you build successful, diverse teams? How do you offer structure and control while also inviting participation?

In this video based on her class Managing Groups and Teams, Stanford Graduate School of Business professor of organizational behavior Deborah Gruenfeld shares five key lessons for team leaders.

Content: Multimedia Content | Author: Deborah H Gruenfeld | Source: “Stanford University” | Subjects: Organizational Behavior, Teamwork

How Performance Affects Status in Task Groups

UCLA Anderson Professor Corinne Bendersky discusses perceptions of status in task groups and how that evolves over time.

Effective People Think Simply

Stanford Graduate School of Business PhD alum Kathleen Eisenhardt, a professor at Stanford University’s School of Engineering, studied how product development teams burdened by a complicated set of rules frequently derail while teams with no rules at all never even get started.