New Developments in Valuation: An interview with Tom Copeland

One of the most eminent authorities in the field of valuation is Tom Copeland, not least because of the fact that he is the co-author of the standard work in the field of valuation. Professor Copeland is the most appropriate person to ask which subjects are currently under discussion in the field of finance and financing. Are fundamental changes taking place or are the developments merely a temporary fad? The developments we are thinking about in this respect are value-based management, corporate governance, discussions about the basic valuation model, the modification of discounted cash flow model and the modification of the capital costs for smaller companies, as well as the separation of elements of financial risk and business risk in order to give them a separate valuation. Professor Tom Copeland is also the man who can best judge whether new valuation theories, such as the application of option theory on valuation and other financial decisions, will continue to be a subject that is confined to financial scientists or whether there is a possibility that they will break through to the everyday life of financial management. These are subjects that will be discussed with Professor Copeland.

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