10 Professional Groups That Offer Business School Scholarships

Business school scholarships are available from a variety of sources. One of first places to look is professional groups or associations. These organizations are in business to support and guide people who work and want to work in a specific profession.

About.com: Business Majors

Part of the human-edited About website; find lots of topics pertaining to the MBA degree.

About.com: Business Majors Forums

The discussion forums for the Business Majors area of the About website.

About.com Resume and Letter Center

Resume, curriculum vitae and cover letter writing, sample resumes, sample cover letters, thank you letters, references, and more job search correspondence.


“If you’re looking for ideas on what to look for in a SWOT analysis, here is a checklist you can use. The checklist lists a variety of factors that may or may not apply to the company you are researching. You should also be aware that what is a strength/opportunity for one company might be a weakness/threat for another.”

About.com Electronic Commerce Guide

One of About.com’s topic sites, this one run by Gordon Whyte. Includes some good information, especially focused on the basics. Subjects include:
– E-Commerce 101
– Start-Up Ideas
– Web Stores
– Credit Cards
– Marketing Your Business
– Customer Service/CRM
– Fulfillment/Shipping
– Drop-Shippers
– Distributors
– Security
– Infrastructure
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BusinessMajors (About.com)

This site, part of the growing About.com empire, offers a variety of resources for those interested in B-School – most useful for prospective and current students.

Business Concepts/Study Guides

Part of the About.com Business Majors page, find tutorials on various topics, including:
– Accounting 101
– Activity-Based Costing 101
– Business Process Reengineering
– Competitive Advantage
– E-Commerce 101
– Just-in-Time
– Mergers and Acquisitions 101
– Positioning and Repositioning – In the Mind
– Six Sigma
– Strategy Forumlation & Implementation