Management service providers: Ready for prime time?

The MSP Association defines a management service provider (MSP) as “a company that delivers information technology infrastructure management services over a network to multiple customers on a subscription basis.” Before the Internet became a commodity, organizations leased private networks from major communication service providers that managed those networks for a fee. In recent years, many organizations, such as hospitals, universities, and other businesses—small, medium, and … [ Read more ]

In depth: Protect your data with these security measures

A network is never entirely safe from snoops and spies, but new technology such as wireless networks is making security even more difficult. This report from Auerbach Publications offers a plan of attack.

A Framework for Integrating Knowledge Process and System Design

About 40% of Fortune 1000 companies now have chief knowledge officers, yet knowledge management remains focused more on data than knowledge, according to the authors. They examined knowledge management practices and found that traditional IS methodologies can be applied to the field of knowledge management. Their paper defines an integrated approach for those seeking a high-level, academic understanding of knowledge management processes.