Positioning and pitch decks for startups

A great pitch deck is concise (15 slides) and highly focused. And in the deck, VC Ed Sim likes to see the following points covered.

Globalization and the world economy

Ed Sim offers this blog post about globalization, referencing some interesting sources and graphics.

Tips for the first VC Meeting

VC Ed Sim shares some thoughts on how to make the first VC pitch a better experience for all participants.

Beware of fishing expeditions

Fielding calls from strategic buyers expressing an interest in acquisition can be great news. However, as an entrepreneur you have to be skeptical as many of these calls end up as just another fishing expedition from the strategic buyer. In fact, you have to recognize and assume that many of these initial calls are just fishing expeditions where a strategic buyer is just trying to … [ Read more ]

Running an efficient board meeting

Board meetings can be a gigantic waste of time if not run appropriately. On the flipside, they can be a valuable source of input and guidance for a management team in the pursuit of maximizing shareholder value. While there are a number of different ways to approach and run a board meeting, I thought I would outline a few of my philosophies on them, and … [ Read more ]