Biz/ed Glossary and Diagram Bank

This site “has over 1000 business and economics definitions and nearly 200 of the most common diagrams for you to search or browse.” Also includes a list of acronyms. From a British “provider of Internet-based learning materials for the economics and business education community.”

Pepe’s Pizza Parlour

A practical lesson in account management from BizEd, Pizza Package provides “both underpinning knowledge and practical worksheets which when complete can provide primary evidence for a portfolio.” Users of this tutorial will explore the accounts of the fictitious Pepe’s Pizza Parlour to learn how to manage each kind of account including trial balance, depreciation, and the balance sheets. Biz/Ed is an English site, so all … [ Read more ]

Book-keeping and Accounting Interactive Tutor (BAIT)

The Book-keeping and Accounting Interactive Tour (BAIT), from Biz/Ed, is a helpful collection of exercises for bookkeeping students of all levels. BAIT suggests that students use these worksheets as supplementary lessons to formal accounting classes. Six interactive worksheets on accounting principles offer fill-in-the-blank activities on topics including the accounting equation; double-entry for assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses; and accruals and prepayments. After completing each … [ Read more ]

On the Case

New from BizEd, On the Case helps students develop their business and economics skills by applying theory to case studies pulled from the _Financial Times_ Website. In the Website tour, Biz Ed suggests that users pick a case study that interests them and work through the variety of accompanying resources and worksheets. Economics case studies look at international, markets, firms, and unemployment and inflation, while … [ Read more ]

Biz/ed Question Bank – Economics

The Biz/ed Question Bank – Economics is an interactive collection of multiple choice questions on a series of 39 topics. Subjects include Markets, Firms, Wages, National Income, Labour Supply, Money, Unemployment & Inflation, Government and International (with sub-topics). Each topic offers ten to twenty-five questions, complete with hints, explanatory answers, and information sources. Because Biz/ed is a British Website, all monetary amounts will be in … [ Read more ]

Internet Learning Materials for MBA Students

project funded by Foundation for Mgmt Education that provides a guide to high quality Internet mat’ls and sites to support MBA studies; broken into 6 chapters: Acctg/Finance; Econ; HRM; Mktg; Ops; Strategy