Let’s Get Engaged!

Staff who like their work and want to stay are a prized asset. So how can a company generate a high level of engagement? This article focuses on research into the connection between employee engagement and company loyalty, specifically for multinationals operating in India and China.

Editor’s Note: not a comprehensive study but some of the issues discussed are quite interesting and add something useful … [ Read more ]

It’s New, It’s Cool, It’s a… Flop

Up to 90% of technological innovations fail – and it’s usually because their manufacturers don’t put across the message of what they are for, Cass research shows.

Building Bridges

The days of innovating in isolation are over. Instead, companies now favor interfirm collaborations such as technology alliances. The question is, how do you maximise innovation while minimising any potential downside?

We’re with Stupid

Non-rational or irrational decision-making in organizations has fascinated Nobel prizewinners for decades, from Herbert Simon’s theory of bounded rationality to Daniel Kahneman’s discovery that when we process information, our brains interchange between two different systems: deliberative processing and intuition, our default position in daily life. But Cass professors André Spicer and Mats Alvesson believe these works miss a set of deviations from smartness, which are … [ Read more ]

Sustaining the ‘Connective Tissue’ of Customer Relationships

In this paper we focus on the growing trend toward outsourcing customer contact, and argue that particular care is required to ensure that the customer relationship is not, in effect, itself outsourced. Outsourced customer contact centers (CCCs), like their internal counterparts, are a key channel for interaction with customers, acting as important transactional, service and point of sales channels. However the danger and unintended consequence, … [ Read more ]

What’s your moral profile?

A survey across 163 countries by Professor Roger Steare found that people divide into six types of moral profile, each with a discrete ethicability.