An MBA Program that Teaches You How to Find a Job

Don’t you wish your university had helped you figure out how to get a job at the same time they were teaching you about finance? College career centers tend to give advice about resume-writing, hold practice interviews and arrange on-campus interviews. These are good things. But one school is doing something better.

10 Reasons Why Ideas Fail

Whether you’re an executive in a big company, a marketing manager, a business owner or pretty much anyone with a dream, here’s a checklist of the 10 most common pitfalls to avoid, with some recent real-world examples.

10 Things Great Bosses Do

It may be an imperfect world, but there are still managers who more or less know what they’re doing — after they’ve had their morning coffee. Here’s my take on what high-performance managers do — or are at least supposed to do — to motivate their teams and deliver results.

The 3 Best Leadership ‘Hacks’

If you’re over a certain age, the term “hacking” probably has negative connotations. You may think of stealing credit card information, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, and denial-of-service attacks. I suggest letting that go and replacing it with this definition: Hacking is messing around with a highly complex system until you find a simple way to make it do things it can’t do now. That definition, applied to … [ Read more ]

7 signs you’re acing a job interview

Job interviews are stressful, not least of all because it’s hard to tell if you’re on your way to the next round or being crossed off the short list altogether. In a first interview, it’s very rare for an HR person or hiring manager to offer you a job right off the bat. But there are some signs that you might be getting a call … [ Read more ]

6 Great Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

At the end of most job interviews, you’re asked a seemingly innocuous, open-ended question: “Do you have any questions for me?” That may seem straightforward enough, but in fact there are many ways to go astray.

One obvious mistake is not asking anything at all, which shows that you haven’t given any serious thought to the possibility of employment at this particular organization. The second is … [ Read more ]

Job search secrets from a top Google recruiter

Bryan Power is a hiring expert who has worked in various areas of recruiting at Google for more than six years. In this interview he discusses what major companies look for in applicants and how you can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re unemployed, a recent college graduate, or unhappy at your current position, you can learn what it takes to get … [ Read more ]