How to Write a Career Objective on Your Resume

In this article, we will give you a short introduction on what a career objective is and what makes it different from other similar sections of the resume. We help you decide whether you need one at all or not and show lots of bad and best practices for a better understanding of the best method of writing one.

How to Assess Product Market Fit with the Sean Ellis Test

The article introduces you to the Sean Ellis Test for assessing Product Market Fit. Further, the article explores the benefits and limitations of the Sean Ellis test, and finally discusses in detail how to properly apply the test for a positive outcome in your business.

102 Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Perhaps the most important set of questions that interviewers will ask candidates are behavioral questions, which assess how your past experiences in certain situations will come in handy for the company you are applying to. It can be argued that behavioral questions are the most difficult and most important part of any job interview. They are deceptively more difficult than technical questions, which catches many … [ Read more ]

Ultimate Guide to Soft Skills

Don’t be fooled by the name. They may be called “soft skills”, but there is nothing soft or weak about them. They are also among the top qualifications that employers look for in potential employees. In fact, you will find that many employers and hiring managers put more weight to these soft skills than the technical skills that you bring to the table. In other … [ Read more ]

30+ Tips for Effective Team Building

Getting a team to work efficiently requires focus on team building. But what are the best tricks for getting a team to bond and succeed? We’ll provide you over thirty science-backed tips for making the most of your team.

Marketing Plan Template: What to Include

A marketing plan is part of a company’s business plan. It is composed of a comprehensive roadmap of a business’s marketing and advertising efforts. For a particular timeframe, it describes the company’s activities in achieving particular marketing objectives. Although a marketing plan can have a formal format, it can be used formally or informally, making it flexible. If done right, your marketing plan can act … [ Read more ]

Customer Psychology Frameworks

One of the first rules in making your business successful is to know your target audience or, to be more specific, who your customers are. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses should look closer at their customers: who they are, what they want, what motivates them, what drives their decisions… basically, businesses should have a clear idea what makes their customers tick.

When we speak of … [ Read more ]