VRIO Framework Guide on Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Many scientists, professors, and researchers have devoted themselves to creating the tools which can be used in analyzing organizations, with the aim of finding the one key resource that will help the company sustain an advantage and therefore stay at the top. There are many frameworks, matrices, tools, sheets, etc. that can be used for achieving this. The VRIO framework is one. Why it is … [ Read more ]

6 Types of Market Failure

Market failure is the economic situation defined by an inefficient distribution of goods and services in the free market. This happens when the market does not supply products in the correct quantity or at the price consumers want to pay due inefficiency in the allocation of goods and services. A price mechanism fails to account for all of the costs and benefits involved when providing … [ Read more ]

Popular Management Theories Decoded

Theorists and social scientists have long speculated on what type of management is best for man: especially in the professional setting. In response: they created management theories and compiled vast collections of ideas that have now provided a framework for an effective management strategy for man. These strategies are implemented in modern workplaces to motivate and bring the best out of employees.

At the end … [ Read more ]

25 Employee Incentive Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Employee recognition is the timely informal or formal acknowledgement of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values. It is a known fact that appreciation is one of the top motivators for employees to work harder and to be more committed to their companies. Even cost-efficient forms of appreciation show employees that they are valued. Therefore, here … [ Read more ]

15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating a job offer can be a stressful and unfamiliar task, but is an invaluable step in getting the salary and career you deserve.

Not many people are confident enough to go through the negotiation process, especially with the lack of job offers in certain fields, but it is important to add this to your employment process so that you get the best deal.

In addition to … [ Read more ]

A Simple Formula for Answering “Tell Me About Yourself”

We’ve all been there — at the far end of the desk watching attentively at the interviewer as he tries to make sense of your professionally submitted resume. After he has some clarity on the type of employee you are going to be, he sets down the file and smiles at you while asking the dreaded question— “Tell me about yourself”

This is the question that … [ Read more ]

Recruitment and Hiring Process Guide: How Successful Recruiters Recruit and Hire Talent

In this guide, we explore what is the recruitment and hiring process, what are the 7 steps of the hiring process including tips, internal and external factors determining the hiring process, and the challenges currently faced and how to overcome them.

Ultimate List of Leading Job Search Engines (and Which One You Should Use)

With so many job boards and search engines on the internet and some of them even charging a fee, you’re probably wondering which of them can be trusted. Here are the leading job search engines you can find online today.

17 Resume Tips that Will Get You that Job Interview

In this article, we explore the role of the resume and the most commonly overlooked tips on improving your resume, so you will get the chance to shine at the job interview.

Types of Intelligence and How to Find The One You Are Best In

For most people, being intelligent is perceived as having a lot of useful (and sometimes non-useful) knowledge and skills, and being able to apply such knowledge and skills.

That’s not wrong, mind you. In fact, it is one of the several accurate definitions of intelligence circulating today. Where it goes wrong in actual application is how people believe that being knowledgeable and skilled at general and … [ Read more ]

What to Include in an Employee Handbook

We have compiled a long list of sections a good employee handbook should mention in order to cover all bases and bring an employee up to speed on everything. This is a general structure of an employee handbook that can be used across all industries, since they must abide by certain rules and regulations and guarantee certain things.

How to Manage Peers When You Get Promoted

Managing your peers can be a tough task, as the jump from working together to working for the other person can create friction and wariness. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to make the transition smoother and to manage your peers when the promotion lands on your desk.

How to Collaborate with and Influence People Using the SCARF Model

In today’s interconnected world the ability to collaborate with other people is an increasingly important part of workplace communication. In order to understand how to better manage bigger groups and improve co-operation, it’s important to comprehend what drives social behavior. In this guide, we’ll examine one model explaining this behavior, called the SCARF model. Will explain the basics behind the theory, the way it explains … [ Read more ]

Best Interview Practices for Hiring Managers

There is more to interviews and interviewing than just inviting the candidate to appear at a designated time and place, and asking questions that are listed on a sheet of paper. Interviewers have a bigger task than to just deliver the questions, listen to the answers, and evaluate them. They also have to pay attention on how they conduct the interview in order to be … [ Read more ]

10 Avoidable Mistakes when Negotiating a Job Offer

Recruiters and hiring managers know that extending a job offer does not automatically receive an acceptance from the chosen candidate. After all, starting a new job is a major event in anyone’s life, so the candidate will definitely want to make sure that he is making the right decision. Thus, both sides have to be prepared to negotiate details about the job offer. In this … [ Read more ]

Do’s and Don’ts of Job Hunting (Expert Advice)

We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts of the job search phase from experts. Many articles only list positive tips and tricks and though that is important, it does not paint the whole picture. We also want to present the things you should definitely avoid doing. Keeping both of these things in mind, you will significantly raise your success while job hunting.

7 Email Templates for Your Next Job Application (Loved by Hiring Managers)

You need to conduct plenty of research to craft the perfect tailored resume and cover letter fitting the job and the company. That is already hard enough. Now, you need to email these documents to the organization you are applying to. However, that is easier said than done. Many applicants put so much time and effort in their cover letters and resumes, but neglect to … [ Read more ]

6 Management Styles and When Best to Use Them

Consulting firm Hay/McBer identified these six management styles:
1. Directive
2. Authoritative
3. Affiliative
4. Participative
5. Pacesetting
6. Coaching
In the succeeding discussion, we will learn more about these management styles, and when they will be the best styles to use.

Proven Answers to “What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses”

When it comes to job interview questions, the question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is definitely among the most asked about. It’s also a question, which can be difficult to answer in a way that impresses the interviewer. In this guide, we’ll explain the reasons behind the question and provide you three strategies for listing your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. We’ll also … [ Read more ]

How to Write a Resume (and Impress Recruiters)

Ask a jobseeker what the most challenging and difficult aspects of a job search is, and you are likely to hear different answers. But you may come across several jobseekers who would readily answer that the toughest part for them is writing up their resume. After all, it is their weapon, their ultimate tool, in order to get their foot in the door, and be … [ Read more ]