The Myth of A Listers and Influencers

Guy Kawasaki analyzes the results of a CNET Networks three-part study called “The Influencer Study from CNET Networks: Challenging Perceptions.” It explored the structure of social networks, the motivations for giving advice, and methods of acquiring information. The results challenge three commonly-held perceptions:
1. The Few Inform the Many.
2. They Share Because They Know More.
3. A Single-Minded Focus.

Human Resources Knowhow

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Strategy: Blueprint Shrouded in Mystery

It seems like everyone in the high-tech field knows that Microsoft’s .Net is coming, and many realize Windows XP is part of that strategy. Yet does anyone really know what .Net is? CNET tries to find out in a seven-part series.

Dr. Thomas Steding

Former CEO of Metacode Technologies and a veteran Silicon Valley consultant.

20 Questions: How the Net Works

excellent layman’s overview with topics such as components, ownership & control, and speed; incl. some good graphics